After living for a decade in Toronto, Vancouver-born Shaena Lambert moved back to Vancouver, where she now lives with her partner, Bob Penner, a political consultant, and their two children -- Peter and Lucy.

Her story collection, The Falling Woman, was chosen by the Globe and Mail as a notable book of the year. It was also selected as one of the Toronto Star's best Spring fiction debuts for 2002, and shortlisted for the Danuta Gleed Award. Lambert's stories and poetry have been published in literary journals in Canada and the US, including in the Journey Prize Anthology.

Her first novel Radiance (Random House 2007) concerns the relationship between an 18-year-old survivor of the Hiroshima atomic bomb blast, Keiko Kitigawa, who is chosen from hundreds of young women to receive plastic surgery in the United States, and her suburban hostess, Daisy Lawrence, who has been assigned the task to pry the girl's traumatic story from her to serve the propaganda needs of the committee that has sponsored her visit. In 1952, when Keiko is brought to America for charitable reconstructive surgery, McCarthyism is on the rise and experiments to develope the hydrogen bomb are underway. A complex intimacy ensues between the "Hiroshima maiden" with her disfiguring radiation scars and her host mother who has hidden wounds arising from whispered ered confessions and wrenching betrayals.

CITY/TOWN: Vancouver, BC


AWARDS: Shortlisted, Danuta Gleed Award for best first short story collection


The Falling Woman, Stories, Vintage Canada, 2002; also published by Virago Press, UK, 2003; Berlin Verlag, Germany, 2003.

Radiance (Random House 2007 $32.95). 978-0-769-31150-8

Oh, My Darling (Harper Collins 2014) $24.99 978-1-44342-434-9

Petra: A Novel (Penguin Random House 2020) $22.95 9780735279575

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