Chainsaws: A History (Harbour Publishing 2006/2020) $34.95 pb 978-1-55017-911-8
The Midnight Games, 2016
Commander Zero (Tightrope Books, 2012)
The Battle of the Five Spot: Ornette Coleman and the New York Jazz Field; The Mercury Press, Toronto 2006.
Stopping Time: Paul Bley and the Transformation of Jazz (with Paul Bley); Vehicule Press, Montreal 1999.
Four-Wheeling on Southern Vancouver Island; Harbour Publishing, Madeira Park 1997.
Into the Night Life: Canadian Writers and Artists at Work (ed. with Maureen Cochrane) Nightwood Editions, Toronto 1986.

David Lee was born and raised in Mission, BC. Upon finishing English studies at UBC, he moved to Toronto where he worked for the jazz magazine Coda and with his wife, Maureen Cochrane, ran the publishing house Nightwood Editions. He also studied double bass and became active in Toronto avant-garde theatre, dance and multi-media performances, as well as touring internationally and recording with the Bill Smith Ensemble. Lee's instrumental work, on bass and cello, can be heard on reissued Boxholder CDs with Leo Smith ("Rastafari") and Joe McPhee ("Visitation"), and on a recent Static Airport Records CD with Kenny Baldwin ("Row Boat to China").

Moving back to the west coast, he played in community bands, co-founded the Pender Harbour Jazz Festival, wrote a Vancouver Island guidebook, and co-authored Stopping Time, the autobiography of jazz pianist Paul Bley.

David Lee received his MA in Music Criticism from McMaster University in 2004 and currently lives with his family in Hamilton, Ontario. As a freelance editor, he has been a correspondent for Coda and a frequent contributor to the Coast Independent and Geist Magazine.

In 2012, David Lee launched his first novel Commander Zero (Tightrope $19.95) about an injured, memory-less man who is revived by a rural community on the West Coast after being found unconscious and drenched in the forest. Inexplicably wifeless and nicknamed "Zero," Joseph Windebank packs prawns at a local fish plant and gradually finds the strength to confront murky secrets and dark imaginings. 978-1926639475

In 2016, David Lee released The Midnight Games which he described as "a YA Lovecraftian horror novel, set in the gritty, postindustrial east end of Hamilton, Ontario."

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