Margaret Lewis-Wilbur, an avid painter and writer, lives in Salmon Arm and self-published My Sisters and Me (Trafford 2011).

According to Trafford promotional materials:

"Margaret Lewis-Wilbur began writing her memoir My Sisters and Me: Growing Up at Tyendinaga (published by Trafford Publishing) as a means to leave her family a written history of her life. Her project soon grew into a more formal matter as Lewis-Wilbur realized the greater social value her work offered. "Tyendinaga was and still is a very close-knit community,"; she explains. "Many of our ceremonies were performed in secret since the government made them illegal."; By publishing her stories, Lewis-Wilbur knew she would be preserving a special part of history.

"Lewis-Wilbur grew up in Tyendinaga, Ontario, a Mohawk territory in an area popularly known as "The Beach."; The Indian reserve located in southeastern Ontario was home to Lewis-Wilbur from infancy to her young teen years.

""The stories are both serious and humourous,"; says Lewis-Wilbur who notes that her large family plays a big role in her tales. "These people all had a tremendous influence on how I developed and who I became.";

"While combing through her early memories of growing up on "The Beach,"; Lewis-Wilbur creates both a touching personal memoir and a time capsule that preserves the historical significances of the reserve.

""The stories started out as an invitation to my children and husband to learn more about my life as an Indian woman and grew from there. I thought these stories should be told.";"

[BCBW 2011]