After a successful international run of playhouses, Winners and Losers (Talonbooks, 2015) is available in print. Described by the New York Times as "a frisky theatrical symposium"; and "articulate, funny and breezily charming,"; the play focuses on two friends, Marcus and James, seated at opposite ends of a long table. They are competing in a game where each has to decide whether or not certain people, places and things - Tom Cruise, Mexico and microwaves to name just a few - are winners or losers. The men's disparate backgrounds affect their personal criteria and determination of "winner"; versus "loser,"; and the resulting debate and conflict tests the limits of their friendship.

James Long is a Simon Fraser University graduate and one of the artistic directors of Vancouver's Theatre Replacement. He has been creating theatre since 1995 and has worked as an actor and director with Rumble Productions, urban ink, Neworld Theatre, Stan's Cafe, Cindy Mochizuki, Leaky Heaven Circus, CBC Radio, The Chop, The Only Animal and Electric Company Theatre.


Winners and Losers (Talonbooks, 2015) $16.95 9780889229327. Co-written with Marcus Youssef.