On March 20th, 2008, at a dinner in his honour, Rowland Lorimer, co-founder of the Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing at SFU and mainstay of its Master in Publishing program, received the Gray Campbell Distinguished Service Award for his outstanding support of writing and publishing in British Columbia. [See press release below] In 2012, Lorimer published Ultra Libris, described as the definitive policy overview of the book publishing industry in Canada. It became one of three finalists for the Canada Prize in the Social Sciences.

DATE OF BIRTH: March 17, 1944

PLACE OF BIRTH: Regina, Saskatchewan




Ultra Libris: Policy, Technology, and the Creative Economy of Book Publishing in Canada (ECW 2012) $34.95
Dreamcatcher: Towards a Creativity/Innovation Strategic Plan
for British Columbia: A BCreative 2012 Conference Report (SFU / CCSP Press 2012) 978-0-9738727-8-1
Lorimer, Rowland and Mike Gasher. 2005. Chinese translation of Mass Communication in Canada. Guangdong People's Publishing House.
Lorimer, Rowland and Jean McNulty or Mike Gasher Mass Communication in Canada, editions 1-5, 1987, 1991, 1996, 2001, 2004 McClelland and Stewart and Oxford University Press.
Lorimer, Rowland. 1998. Masovne komunikacije: Komparativni uvod. Beograd: Izvadac Clio (translation of Mass Communication A Comparative Introduction into Serbian) Preface: Zorica Babic
Lorimer, Rowland. 1997. Vibrant But Threatened: Book Publishing in Canada. Vancouver: Centre for Distance Education and Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing. (textbook)
Lorimer, Rowland. 1994. Mass Communication, A Comparative Introduction Manchester University Press
Lorimer, Rowland and Donald C. Wilson 1991. Creating Information and Ideas. (Author/Editor) Calgary: Detselig.
Lorimer, Rowland. 1984. The Nation in the Schools: Wanted, a Canadian Education. OISE Press.
Lorimer, Rowland (with other authors) The Other Guide to Language Patterns (Vol 1 - 3).


BA (1964) and MA (1966), University of Manitoba, psychology
PhD (1968) Educational Psychology OISE
1968-2009 Simon Fraser University
Founder: Master of Publishing program and Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing at Simon Fraser University
President, Association for Canadian Studies and Canadian Association of Learned Journals
Editor (1993-1999) and Publisher (1999-2005) Canadian Journal of Communication
Author of many different commissioned reports on book and magazine publishing.
Author of many scholarly articles

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