"The world is my pumpkin, Prince George is my home." -- Vivien Lougheed, CBC Radio, 2003

Vivien Lougheed spent her first five years living with her Polish-Romanian grandparents in northern Saskatchewan. At age five she didn't speak any English. Her mother remarried and home life was difficult. At 16, Lougheed quit school and left home, hooked on travel. She has since visited approximately 50 countries, mostly developing nations. "My mentor and constant companion is John Harris, fiction writer," she says.

Lougheed has written a weekly travel column in the Prince George Citizen, contributed to the anthology Exact Fare Only and published short stories. Her quickie, where-to-stay guide to Belize is a follow-up to her anecdotal volume Central America by Chickenbus and her book on Tibet called Forbidden Mountains. Accompanied by her friend Joanne Armstrong, Lougheed visited Tibet by illegally entering from Pakistan. "We feared we would starve, that we would die. We suffered from malnutrition. We had a lot of fear. We didn't imagine it would be that tough." She has also written about Bolivia, Mexico and central British Columbia.

Increasingly active as a photographer, she contributed some images to Alan Twigg's Understanding Belize: A Historical Guide (Harbour) prior to publishing her own book in the same series, Understanding Bolivia: A Traveller's History (Harbour), an illustrated overview.

CITY/TOWN: Prince George

DATE OF BIRTH: March 24, 1943




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