Lisa Lynam has written a fitness book Triathlon for Women - A Mind-Body-Spirit Approach for Female Athletes (Meyer and Meyer Sport) that includes inspirational stories and tips from the likes of Washington State's Sandi Wiebe, a multiple-time Ironman World Champion, and mother of four, and grandmother of six, who holds the record in the 55-59 age group.

Lynam's book emphasizes how more and more women are discovering the fitness and fellowship benefits of triathlon. Over 35% of USA Triathlon's membership are women.

Lynam wrote Triathlon for Women as a result of her decade of experience coaching and mentoring hundreds of women in swimming, biking and running. She has been directing women's triathlon clinics for 12 years and coaching triathletes for 10 years, helping first timers or veterans succeed in completing or competing in short sprint to Ironman triathlons.

Through her writings in Triathlon for Women, Lynam guides, educates and inspires women to get moving, get training, get involved and get balanced one step at a time.

In her introduction Lynam writes, "Any woman - regardless of age, color, size, or ability - whether she is an athlete or not, can embark on this three-sport journey and become empowered as the special woman she is.";

The book includes aspects of fitness and skill development, smart nutrition choices, strength training, race planning, and mental aspects, but also goes beyond the theories and science with a more thorough mind-body-spirit approach that raises the interests and enjoyment of all women who seek fulfilling triathlon lives.

As a writer with 14 years experience in triathlon publications, Lynam has been a past contributor to both Triathlete Magazine and Inside Triathlon, as well and From 2001-2003, she founded and directed the MultiSportswomen Series in Austin, Texas, which included women's only running, cycling and adventure events.

[BCBW 2008]