As an English professor and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies at the University of Victoria, Samuel L. Macey developed an expertise in Restoration and 18th century literature. He edited numerous titles, including a study of Robertson Davies' Deptford Trilogy. One of his scholarly works that became a trade title was Money and the Novel: Mercenary Motivation in Defoe and His Immediate Successors (Sono Nis, 1983). Fascinated by time, he published Clocks and the Cosmos: Time in Western Life and Thought (Archon) and was a member of the British Horological Institute. He was the inspiration for a commemorative volume entitled Time, Literature and the Arts: Essays in Honor of Samuel L. Macey (English Literary Studies, University of Victoria, 1994).


Money and the Novel (Sono Nis, 1983, University of Georgia Press, 1987)
The Dynamics of Progress (University of Georgia Press, 1989)
Encyclopedia of Time (Garland, 1994)

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