Jean Pierre Makosso, a bilingual storyteller in Gibsons, B.C., is originally from Congo Brazzaville. He was first taught by his mother Ma M'Kayi. As a theatre actor he has worked with Company Punta-Négra (Congo), Théâtre du Corps (France) and Théâtre Amiel (Switzerland).

Living in Canada since 2001, Jean-Pierre Makosso works with a traditional music group Masabo (Vancouver, Ottawa), has been writing and directing plays for Canada World Youth with his own cultural company Makosso village. He is also a bilingual comedian and storyteller who performs in schools and universities all over Canada and in festivals worldwide. He has written:

■La voix du conteur
■Le cri du triangle
■Oeuvres humaines (has been translated into English as Human Works)
These titles were published at éditions Dédicaces in Montréal.


'Il était une fois... ce jour-là...' (2013) novel

Makosso, Tanya Evanson, Lorna Goodison and Wayde Comptom are among 90 contributors to the first national anthology of poetry by African Canadians, Great Black North: Contemporary African Canadian Poetry ( $21.95), edited by Valerie Mason-John and Kevan Anthony Cameron, and launched during Black History Month in February of 2012. 978-1-897181-83-6

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