M. Patricia Marchak was born in Lethbridge in 1936. She grew up in Vancouver and became UBC's Dean of Arts in 1990. Green Gold is her 1983 study of the B.C. forest industry. Logging the Globe (McGill-Queen's University Press, 1995) looks at logging internationally. The Integrated Circus focuses on the emergence of global markets in keeping with the rise of neo-conservatism in the New Right. As a professor of anthropology and sociology, she has also published Ideological Perspectives on Canada and co-edited Uncommon Property: The Fishing and Fish Processing Industries in British Columbia (Methuen, 1987). With Deborah Herbert and Scott Aycock of UBC, she co-wrote Falldown: Forest Policy in British Columbia (David Suzuki Foundation, 1999). With her husband William Marchak, she co-wrote God's Assassins: State Terrorism in Argentina in the 1970s (McGill-Queen's, 1999). In No Easy Fix (McGill-Queens, 2008) Marchak asserts that international peace-keeping and conflict resolution will be ineffectual if local context is not fully acknowledged and addressed.

[BCBW 2008] "Forestry" "Politics" "Fishing"

Review of the author's work by BC Studies:Logging the Globe
Uncommon Property: The Fishing and Fish-Processing Industries in British Columbia