Four look-alike princesses live in a far away land with horses and birthday parties. It seems their wonderful life will go on forever. Then an earthquake rocks their royal canopied bed and two of the princesses, and their mother, are tumbling through ancient Egypt and the Wild West, to land in a modern-day trailer park. There have been other earthquakes, cautions an old woman in Peter Marlow's The Trailer Park Princesses (Annick $7.95) and there are other princesses about. Even a prince, or two. You just have to guess who they are.

According to his bio, Pete Marlow of Burnaby is a former resident of the south of France who is in pre-med and religious studies with plans to find a cure for at least one fearful childhood disease and to restore, as federal minister of health, the Medicare system in all its glory. Illustrations are by Leanne Franson of Montreal. 1-55037-616-0

[BCBW Summer 2000] "Kidlit"