Adrienne Mason is a full-time writer and editor living in Tofino where she is the managing editor of KNOW: The Science Magazine for Curious Kids. She received a BSc in Biology from UVic and has been involved in "informal" science education for many years, including time as an interpreter in Jasper National Park and a three-year stint as the Public Education Coordinator at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre. She also once taught marine biology on a tall ship sailing from Poland to Jamaica. Mason primarily writes non-fiction for both adults and children and her work usually focusses on themes of science, nature, and west coast history. Her articles have appeared in National Geographic Kids, WILD, Canadian Geographic, the Georgia Straight, Beautiful BC, OWL, Ranger Rick, Boys' Life, and Nature Canada. She has also worked as a writer/developmental editor for several educational publishers including McGraw-Hill Ryerson, Nelson and Weigl. Now out of print, her first book provided teachers with background information about environmental issues combined with suggestions for activities to involve students.

CITY/TOWN: Tofino, B.C.

DATE OF BIRTH: December 23, 1962


EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: biologist, naturalist/interpreter

Review of the author's work by BC Studies:
Long Beach Wild: A Celebration of People and Place on Canada's Rugged Western Shore


Long Beach Wild: A Celebration of People and Place on Canada's Rugged Western Shore (Greystone 2012) 978-1-55365-344-8 $24.95
Drop of Doom (Kids Can Press, 2007)
Change It!: Solids, liquids, gases and you (Kids Can Press, 2006)
Build It!: Structures, systems and you (Kids Can Press, 2006)
Move It!: Motion, forces and you (Kids Can Press, 2005)
Touch It!: Materials, matter and you (Kids Can Press, 2005)
Snakes. (Kids Can Press, 2005)
Owls. (Kids Can Press, 2004)
Tales from the West Coast: Smugglers, Sea Monsters, and Other Stories. (Altitude Publishing, 2003)
West Coast Adventures: Shipwrecks, Lighthouses, and Rescues Along Canada's West Coast. (Altitude Publishing, 2003)
Otters. (Kids Can Press, 2003)
Bats. (Kids Can Press, 2003)
Lu and Clancy Sound Off. (Kids Can Press, 2002)
Lu and Clancy's Carnival Caper. (Kids Can Press, 2002)
Lu and Clancy's Spy Stuff. (Kids Can Press, 2000)
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Lu and Clancy's Secret Codes. (Kids Can Press, 1999)
Mealworms: Raise them, watch them, see them change. (Kids Can Press, 1998)
Living Things. (Kids Can Press, 1997)
Oceans: Looking at Beaches and Coral Reefs, Tides and Currents, Sea Mammals and Fish, Seaweeds and Other Ocean Wonders. (Kids Can Press, 1995)
The Green Classroom. (Pembroke Publishers, 1991)

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