Having survived cancer at a very young age, Winnipeg-raised James McCann became a children's book specialist who uses mapmaking in his creative writing workshops.

In McCann's teen novel Rancour (Simply Read 2005), a werewolf named Rancour and a vampire named Shay enter the life of Alix, a high school student who had previously mostly worried about finding a date for the prom. Alix must cope with the thousand-year-old rivalry between the two violent combatants, while making sure she gets her homework done.

McCann subsequently published Pyre (Simply Read, 2007) and became the president of CWILL BC while working at Vancouver Kidsbooks.

Flying Feet shows the disturbing results of fighting tae kwon do without boundaries. Set up for an impossible fight, young Jinho finds the only thing that can save him.


Rancour (Simply Read, 2005) 1-894965-31-0 : $16.95

Pyre (Simply Read, 2007).

Flying Feet (Orca Book Publishers, 2010). 978-1-55469-290-3 : $9.95.

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