"Land, my boy,"; Mac Annable once told his grandson Andrew McCredie, "Land and livestock. It's all I've ever known."; Ranching the Kootenay District in the Rocky Mountains in 1899, Annable operated a 5,000-acre cattle ranch and lumber company between Trail and Rossland. Having served in the Assiniboia Assembly when Saskatchewan and Alberta joined Confederation in 1905, he eventually retired to Valdes Island. McCredie, a North Vancouver-based newspaperman, has written an appreciative family biography entitled The Laugh That Shook The West! G.M. 'Mac' Annable, Rancher/Politician (West Vancouver: Ancan Publishing, $19.50). 0-9738895-0-0. McCredie previously wrote Capilano Golf & Country Club: The Making of a Legend.

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