When the son of a retired Vancouver Police officer Sam Watson decides to become a Christian missionary in Thailand, the father, who has little use for religion, is upset. Then Jeff Watson is murdered. Faced with lack of cooperation from both the mission organization in Thailand and the Thai Police, Sam goes to uncover both the identity of his son's killer and the meaning of his son's puzzling, short life in G.J.C. McKitrick's A Walk in the Thai Sun (Abbeville, South Carolina: Moonshine Cove 2014).

When the novel was published, G.J.C. McKitrick had moved to Sherwood Park, Alberta, with his wife. He has a B.F.A. in Drama from the University of Calgary and Master of Christian Studies from Regent College in Vancouver. In the late 1980s he and his family lived for four years in rural Thailand and his novel "A Walk in the Thai Sun"; came out of that experience. The novel was written while McKitrick was living in Richmond, B.C. He also writes poetry, songs, short stories, novels, stage plays and essays under the name G.J.C. McKitrick and speculative fiction under the name T.K. Boomer. Three of his stage plays have been produced.


Moonshine Cove 2014 $12.95

[BCBW 2014]