Ted Moore was born in North Bay, Ontario Canada. He has written a memoir, Tribute (Artistic Warrior Publishing, 2013), recounting his 30 years searching for success in the music business. $18.95 9780968169490

Ted Moore served as a soldier in the Canadian Armed Forces, holds a Bachelor's Degree in Geography and English, and worked as a Grade 4-7 school teacher after graduating from university. He tours as the vocalist for Blaze Of Glory, "North America's Premier Bon Jovi Tribute," and has written, produced, and performed on a variety of albums. He lives in Chilliwack, British Columbia Canada with his wife and two daughters.

Promotional materials state: "Follow the lives of two young boys - Jon Bon Jovi and Ted Moore. They both became talented and ambitious musicians. One was propelled to super stardom beyond anyone's wildest imagination. The other almost drowned in obscurity until one day he decided to become someone else.

"Ted Moore emerges from an excessive, self-indulgent fog and reinvents himself to pay tribute to one of the world's greatest altruistic rock 'n' rollers: Jon Bon Jovi. Ted's band, Blaze of Glory, has reached a level of acceptance and admiration he never imagined possible.

"Moore takes the reader on a journey told with painful honesty, wit and pithy observations. He deconstructs a life spent dreaming of fame and spins a tale of hope, frustration, joy and destruction. He emerges from his self-created inferno and rises above it to become a star in the world of tribute bands."

[BCBW 2014]