N.P. Katedza, or Nyasha Katedza, was born in Zimbabwe on December 21, 1966, and she came to British Columbia in 2008. Her collection of fiction is entitled Short Stories, Insignificant Lives (Flame Lily Publishing 2014 $19.99). The stories speak to the commonality of our human experience. They range from a deceptive children's tale to a star-crossed love story, from a middle-class suburb, to the inner city, to Japan, and to mid-western America. 'Insignificant Lives', the title story, looks at the decisions we so often make, based on progress, that end up being not-so progressive. 978-0-9937238-0-3

In her novel Bound (2016), two cultures collide in the culmination of a journey from Apartheid South Africa. Her contribution "Another Land" appears in the anthology In the Wake of the Moon (Poetry Institute of Canada, 2016) and "Raging Silence" appears in the anthology (Township Girls, The Crossover Generation Weaver Press 2018). 978-1-77922-325-8

[BCBW 2018]