"I have long been an admirer of Joyce Nelson's work... Nelson, always independent, has no fetters." -- Herschel Hardin

Born in Duluth, Minnesota in 1945, Joyce Nelson is a culture critic who was profiled and interviewed in the WINTER 1996 edition of BC BookWorld. In her fifties she turned increasingly towards expressing herself as a visual artist. She relocated to Toronto in 2018 while continuing to publish with Comox-based Watershed Sentinel.

In her follow-up to Beyond Bankers in 2016, social critic Joyce Nelson not only exposes the fallacies of the neoliberal economy, she highlights the inspirational efforts of those who are rallying against it. For instance, in Bypassing Dystopia: Hope-Filled Challenges to Corporate Rule (Watershed Sentinel $20), she cites analyst Wendy Holm who decries how NAFTA has already erased sovereignty issues around water exports. "With respect to trans-boundary movement of water, there are no real 'decisions' to be made." says Holm. "The ship has already sailed." In essence, if Canada tried to stop bulk water export, it would be subject an investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) lawsuit. Both Holm and Maude Barlow are urging that water "as a good, service or investment" be removed from both NAFTA and the FTA. 978-0-9953286-3-1


The Canadian Film Reader (1977). Co-editor

The Perfect Machine: TV in the Nuclear Age (1987)

The Colonized Eye: Rethinking the Grierson Legend (1988)

Sultans of Sleaze: Public Relations and the Media (1989)

Sign Crimes/Road Kill: From Mediascape to Landscape (Between the Lines, 1992).

Seeing in the Dark (Ekstasis, 1996). Poetry.

Beyond Banksters: Resisting the New Feudalism (WS Books 2016)

Bypassing Dystopia: Hope-Filled Challenges to Corporate Rule
(Comox: Watershed Sentinel Books 2018) 978-0-9953286-3-1 $20

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