Fraser Nixon was born on the West Coast and has lived in Montreal, Toronto, Paris and Vancouver. By turns an actor, painter, electrical apprentice and hotel night manager, he has worked as a salesman of newspaper advertising, ice cream, opera tickets and men's casual slacks. His first novel was a neo-noir novel about a hood on a crime spree through Prohibition-era Montreal, The Man Who Killed, selected as a finalist for the First Novel Award. His follow-up noir crime novel, Straight to the Head (Arsenal 2016), set in Vancouver in 1983, evolves from the theft of a drug shipment and $300,000 in dirty money by an Eastern European immigrant named Irina. Corrupt cops, bounty hunters and scam artists cavort in sushi bars, nightclubs and New Wave galleries.


The Man Who Killed (D&M, 2011) 1-55365-569-5

Straight to the Head (Arsenal 2016) $17.95 978-1-55152-638-6

[BCBW 2016]