Originally Frank Oberle's first name was Franz. At age nine he relocated with his parents to Poland where, having been placed within a Nazi youth indoctrination program, he fled the Russian advance and survived on grass and stolen eggs-in an ordeal reminiscent of Jerzy Kosinki's The Painted Bird, but for real. Franz Oberle walked 800 kilometres to his ancestral village on the edge of the Black Forest, only to be rejected by his remaining family. He immigrated to Canada at age 19, then sent for his teenage sweetheart. As Frank Oberle he became a logger, a gold miner and a rancher, then a municipal mayor, then an MP for Prince George-Peace River. His teenage years in Europe are recalled in his memoir, Finding Home: A War Child's Journey to Peace (Heritage, 2004 $22.95). 1-894384-76-8. Oberle published a second volume of autobiography, A Chosen Path: From Moccasin Flats to Parliament Hill (Heritage, 2005), focussing on his six-term political career that culminated in a Cabinet appointment in 1985 as the first federal Minister of State for Science and Technology, followed by a stint as Minister of Forestry. From his home base in the new community of Chetwynd, Oberle was later elevated by Brian Mulroney to become the first German-born federal cabinet minister

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A Choosen Path: From Moccasin Flats to Parliament Hill
Finding Home: A War Child's Journey to Peace