Gwyneth Jane Page is the author of a children's book series entitled The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse, which is illustrated by her second oldest daughter Megan. Her series took its inspiration from the hope that if children appreciate the world, and the unique animals and places in it, then they will want to look after it. This series is meant to encourage children to try new things and explore the world. The stories are told from the perspective of PJ Mouse, the stuffed animal that travels everywhere with Emily and her family on their journeys.

Page was born in Vancouver in 1966, and now resides in Victoria with her husband and four children. Photo shows Gwyneth on the right, with daughter Megan on left--and that's PJ in the middle.


The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse - In Canada (2015)ISBN978-1-4602-3740-3, $13.00
The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse - In Queensland (2015)ISBN978-1-77084-508-4, $13.00
The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse - In a Small Corner of England (2015) ISBN978-0-9938161-1-6, $13.00

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