In any home, there are opportunities to conserve energy and reduce waste. Greening Your Home (Self-Counsel, 2015), co-authored by Thomas Teuwen and Laura Lynn Parker, discusses green materials and appliances, maintenance and design issues, and how to decide whether to go "DIY"; or hire a professional to eco-renovate your home. Whether you're looking at minor changes or major renovations, Greening Your Home offers practical, economical advice that will help make your home more efficient.

Laura Lynn Parker began her career as a residential counsellor, furthered her education in the United States, then moved to Vancouver Island where she worked as an audiologist for 10 years. Laura then shifted to a career in web design before becoming passionate about sustainability issues. She lives in Sidney, B.C.


Co-authored with Thomas Teuwen:

Greening Your Home: Successful Eco-Renovation Strategies (Self-Counsel Press 2015) $12.95 9781770402072

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