DATE OF BIRTH: May 19, 1963

PLACE OF BIRTH: California



ANCESTRAL BACKGROUND: From a long line of loser Vikings

EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: Editor of The Dragonfly Review of Books


BEYOND THE DEEP: The Deadly Descent Into the World's Most Treacherous Cave," by William Stone and Barbara am Ende with Monte Paulsen. (Warner Books, 2002.)

BUYING OF THE PRESIDENT 2000 by Charles Lewis and The Center for Public Integrity. (Avon, 2000.)


Monte Paulsen is an editor, publisher and author with 25 years of journalism experience. He's worked as an investigative reporter at Detroit Metro Times and at The State, a Knight-Ridder newspaper in South Carolina. His in-depth reporting is credited with preserving Sandy Island, S.C. - the nation's sole surviving Gullah community - and with exposing the role of the Ku Klux Klan and other hate groups in fueling the 1996 Southern church fire epidemic. He has published investigations about the U.S. Marine Corps murder of a civilian, and about a British company that sold carcinogens through one subsidiary while selling cancer treatment drugs through another. His reporting has taken him from coast to coast, as well as to Canada, Haiti, Mexico and Nigeria. Rolling Stone magazine named the investigations team he headed in Detroit as one of "Ten things that don't suck about the media." And he was part of the Knight-Ridder team that won the 1997 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service at the Grand Forks (N.D.) Herald. His work has been featured in more than 50 newspapers, and in magazines including George, The Nation, Mother Jones, Paris Match and U.S. News & World Report.

He has contributed to two books. "Beyond the Deep" was co-authored with explorers William C. Stone and Barbara Anne am Ende, and recounts the couple's record-smashing 1994 expedition to the bottom of one of the world's deepest caves. "The Buying of the President 2000," a report by The Center for Public Integrity, systematically examined the financial relationships of each of that years' major presidential candidates. He currently edits The Dragonfly Review of Books, a Vancouver-based review that reports on literary non-fiction for Shared Vision and other magazines. Paulsen grew up in Alaska, and now lives in Vancouver, where he is raising a family.

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