In The Ballad or Knuckles McGraw (Orca $7.95) by retired Surrey librarian Lois Peterson, an eight-year-old named Kevin, abandoned by his mother, who left him a good-bye note in his lunch bucket, takes comfort for his fantasy of becoming a cowboy to counteract the shock of living in a foster home with a pierced and tattooed teenager named Ice and a mute girl named Breezy. While he waits to be claimed by a father he barely remembers, Kevin imagines a better life as a tough cowboy named Knuckles McGraw who rides a horse named Burlington Northern.

Silver Rain (Orca, 2010) is the story of eleven-year-old Elsie, who is abandoned by her father during the Depression and lives in the garage behind her old house with her grandmother.

In Beyond Repair (Orca, 2011), young Cam decides to stalk the man who killed his father with a pickup truck, when the killer starts showing up at Cam's house, his work and his sister's school.

DATE OF BIRTH: August 16, 1952

PLACE OF BIRTH: Eastbourne, Sussex, England


EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: Development Officer, Surrey Public Library;, creative writing instructor and co-ordinator of the Surrey Creative Writing Diploma Program

AWARDS: Special Achievement Award, Surrey International Writers' Conference


101 Writing Exercises to Get You Started & Keep You Going (LPwordsolutions 1999; Metta Publications, 2006).

121 Writing Exercises to Get You Started & Keep You Going (Surrey: Metta Publishing, 2005). New edition incorporates articles, writing tips, lists of resources)

Meeting Miss 405 (Orca, 2008)

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Silver Rain (Orca 2010) 978-1-55469-280-4 $9.95

Beyond Repair (Orca, 2011) 9781554698165 $9.95

The Wrong Bus (Orca, 2012) 9781554698691 &6.95

Three Good Things (Orca 2015) 978-1-4598-0985-7

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