Farming, according to David Pollock, "is often viewed through the lens of nostalgia and romanticized as a lost way of life that was more connected to nature. The farm fields were a fruitful way for me to situate the human in nature because it is within this interface that questions arise regarding our place in the natural world. Farmland is an exotic territory for most of us, despite the fundamental nature of farming as a precondition of our culture. As much as the idea of wilderness implies no human presence, these anthropogenic landscapes are reminders of our inescapable and constant interaction with the natural world."

His photography book about farm is Fertile Geometry (2011)

Text Authors: Andrea Filippin, David Pollock, David R. Montgomery
Editor: Urbanautica
Pages: 64 Images: 30 colour
Size: 28 x 27,5 cm
Binding: Hard box cover
ISBN: 978-88-95157-21-4
Release Date: March 2011