Yvonne Poulin co-authored Aging Safely in Your Home (Self-Counsel Press, 2015) with Gordon Morrison. This book offers expertise on how modest home renovations can ease physical challenges and improve quality of life. You can live and age gracefully and safely in your own home.

Poulin is an Elder Planning Counselor (EPC) and a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT). She provides general advice to seniors and family caregivers regarding physical, emotional, mental, social and financial issues. Her "total needs approach"; includes considering residential adaptations that can allow seniors to remain safely at home. In her 25 years as a RMT, Poulin has assessed, treated and advised hundreds of seniors regarding exercise and ergonomics.


Co-authored with Gordon Morrison:

Aging Safely in Your Home (Self-Counsel Press 2015) $15.95 9781770402195

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