Gabrielle Prendergast was named Vancouver Public Library's tenth writer in residence in August of 2014.

The UK-born Canadian/Australian lives in Vancouver with her husband and daughter. She went to school in Regina and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from UBC. Audacious, shortlisted for the CLA Award, and Capricious are original and insightful "verse novels" that deal with serious teenage situations in a series of connected journal-styled poems. They were discussed by Prendergast in a video produced by B.C. BookWorld and viewable on the news site. Transcript below.

The two much-discussed teen novels were followed by an Orca Limelights novel for ages 11-14, Frail Days (Orca 2015), about two girls who compete for status and power within a rock 'n' roll band in which the two other musicians are boys. It's written from the perspective of a Chinese Canadian girl drummer, Stella Wing, who asks talented Tamara Donnelly to be their singer after Tamara sings the national anthem at a baseball game. Stella, who likes rock 'n' roll, believes it's in the best interest of the band to mold Tamara into a rock goddess, but rap has become more cool and Tamara is not about to be pushed around as a sex symbol.

In 2018, Gabrielle Prendergast took home the Sheila A. Egoff Children's Literature Prize for best non-illustrated book written for children with Zero Repeat Forever (Simon & Schuster). She thanked Star Wars and George Lucas, advising the audience that she hadn't bothered to compose a speech.


Hildegarde (Harper Collins Australia 2002) 978-0-207-19827-4

Wicket Season (Lorimer 2012) 978-1-459-40020-7

Audacious (Orca 2013) $19.95 978-1-45980-530-9 (republished Orca 2015 $12.95 9781459802643)

Capricious (Orca 2014) $19.95 9781459802674

Frail Days (Orca 2015) $9.95 9871459804647

Pandas on the Eastside (Orca 2016) $9.95 9781459811430

Pinch Me (Orca 2017) $9.95 9781459813649

Zero Repeat Forever (Simon & Schuster 2017) $22.99 978-1-5011-4711-1

The Crosswood (Orca 2021) $10.95 9781459826625

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