A pull-out section of BC BookWorld in 1993 served as a directory of some B.C. publishers active in that era. This list was an adjunct to Twigg's Directory of 1,001 B.C. Writers (Crown, 1992 $24.95) (0-9696417-0-2). Please note: This was only up-to-date in 1993 when it was published. There have been literally hundreds--probably more than 1,000--new, independent publishers since then in British Columbia.

123 Studio
Operated by poet Linda Rogers, a former president of the Federation of B.C. Writers, and musician/partner Rick Van Krugel, the press has released three children's books and Brown Bag Blues, a poetry collection derived from their performances as a singing duo in schools. 123 South Turner St. Victoria V8V 2J9.

3 S Fitness Group Box
Victoria kinesiologist Gordon Stewart was a record-holder for Canada in the decathlon. Since 1979 his company has released six how-to fitness books, a directory of health organizations and Running Through My Mind, about the role of physical activity and sport in our lives. 5520 Station B Victoria V8R 6S4.

A Room of One's Own Press
A collateral descendant of Jane Austen, Victoria's Joan Austen-Leigh has published four books of plays under the pseudonym of Joan Mason Hurley and has self published two volumes of autobiographical fiction. Box 5215 Stn. B, Victoria V8R 6N4.

Anvil Press
Brian Kaufman has become one of the bright lights in the under-40 publishing scene, operating sub-TERRAIN magazine and taking over management of the Three Day Novel Writing Contest from Pulp Press. Last year he published Denis Bolen's gritty tale of a bum ed-out social worker, Stupid Crime$, and sold the screen rights to L.A.-based William Gough and Anna Sandor (one of the top Canadian screenwriters in Hollywood). #15 -2414 Main St., Vancouver V5T E3E.

artdog press
When Clint Hutzulak isn't operating Lilac House, a bed 'n' breakfast in a turn of-the-century Victoria house which he co-manages with performance artist Gail Harris, he's publishing Harris' poetry, plus other work by emerging Victoria writers. 252 Memorial Crescent Victoria V8S 3J2.

Barbarian Press
Founded in England by Jan and Crispin Elsted in 1977, Barbarian has operated in B.C. since 1978 as a hand press operation specializing in limited editions with exquisite typography for broadsides and pamphlets. 12375 Ainsworth Rd. Route 5 Mission V2V 5X4.

Beach Holme Publishers (formerly Press Porcepic)
Guy Chadsey retains the Press Porcepic imprint, inherited from Dave and Ellen Godfrey's pioneering literary press, for some poetry titles and oversees a Tesseracts imprint as Canada's foremost SF publishing house. An increasingly broad range of children's titles, notably from Julie Lawson and P.K. Page, rounds out the list of approximately 80 titles. Recent titles in dude Lillard and Macisaac's Brother XII, Evelyn Lau's Oedipal Dreams and Robin Skelton's The Practice of Witchcraft. 4252 Commerce Circle Victoria V8Z

Bear Grass Press
Kathy Armstrong's press in the B.C. Interior specializes in children's books, poetry, craft how-to and history. Box 211' Robson VOG 1X0.

Beautiful British Columbia
The glossy travel magazine has been publishing coffee table books since 1970, mostly outside the bookstore stream. BBC's newly released Songs from the Wild features paintings by the likes of Jack Shadbolt and Gordon Smith with quotes from B.C. writers. Current editor is Bryan McGill. 929 Ellery St., Victoria V9A 7B4.

Ben-Simon Publications
Works pertaining to adoption by Dr. H. David Kirk have been accompanied by Heather Spears' Drawings from the Newborn and a mystery novel by rabbi Martin Samuel Cohen, The Truth About Marvin Kalish, set in Nazi Germany and contemporary New York. P.O. Box 318 Brentwood Bay V0S 1A0 Contact: Beve Tansey.

Blue Nun Press
Michele Birch-Conery is a former nun who retuned to Canada in 1987 with a renewed sense of belonging. She published her first Blue Nun literary title in 1989 with colleague Derek Hanebury, also an author. Site 346, C-14, Port Albemi V9Y 7L7.

Brighouse Press
Herself the author of a bestseller, The Vancouver Guide, Terri Werschler has published humourist Bill Richardson, wine and food titles, outdoors titles, a critique of the Vancouver Symphony and Jack Christie's Day Trips From Vancouver. Box 33798 Station D Vancouver V6J 4L6.

Cacanadadada Press
Since being bought by English professor Ronald Hatch from Margaret Fridel, Cacanadadada has approximately 20 new literary titles including books by Robin Skelton, John Robert Colombo, J. Michael Yates and Jancis M. Andrews' highly praised first collection of fiction, Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair. 3350 West 21st Ave Vancouver V6S 1G7.

Caitlin Press
Originated as literary press by poet Carolyn Zonailo in 1977, Caitlin has rebounded under the ownership of Cynthia Wilson and Ken Carling to become the major trade publisher for central B.C. A forthcoming biography of controversial brewer Ben Ginter will follow books on a Mt. Everest expedition, a Czechoslovakian memoir by Jan Drabek and June Cruickshank Lunny's recent Spirit of the Yukon. PO' Box 2387 Station B Prince George V2N 2S6.

Cappis Press
Veteran author Ed Gould has doubled as a publisher of a dozen titles of Pacific Northwest non-fiction and a recent self-penned tribute to Canada's international stars, Entertaining Canadians. P.O. Box 35548 Station E Vancouver V6M 4G8.

Cinnabar Press
One of the province's most successful self-promoters, ex-logger Joe Gamer has claimed bestseller status for his four memoirs that include Never Fly Over An Eagle's Nest and his recent expose of the logging industry, Never Under the Table. P.O. Box 392 Nanaimo V9R 5L3.

Cordillera Publishing
S.C. Heal specialized in maritime history titles before releasing Feelings: A Transsexual's Explanation of a Baffling Condition by Stephanie Castle. Box 46, 8415 Granville St. Vancouver V6P 4Z9.

Douglas & McIntyre
Western Canada's largest publishing company was founded by book wholesaler Jim Douglas as J.J. Douglas Ltd in 1964. Scott McIntyre joined the company as a partner in 1971. The D&M imprint began in 1978. An ambitious educational division fizzled in the late 1980s. Regional history and finely designed titles pertaining to Pacific Northwest Indian culture, many co. published with University of Washington Press, continue to enhance the company's reputation globally. Bestsellers by or about Rick Hansen, Tiger Williams, and Jack Webster have solidified Dam's reputation alongside prestigious works by or about Bill Reid, Hon. Thomas Berger, Hugh Brody, Doris Shad bolt, etc. An affiliation with Patsy Alana's Ground wood Books in Toronto has provided D&M with a leading role in the Kid lit field. Fiction has recently augmented the list of more than 550 titles. 1615 Enables Vancouver B.C. V5L 2H1 Contacts: Rob Sanders, Janice Bear.

Eagle Dancer Enterprises
Successful Tsimshian artist Roy Henry Vickers (who contributed the logo design for the B.C. Book Prizes seal) operates a publishing division from his Eagle Aerie Gallery. Text for Vickers' The Elders Are Watching was supplied by Dave Bouchard. A limited edition artbook, Solstice, was a bestseller in '88-89. Box 527 Tofino VOR 2Z0 Contact: Graeme Wood.

Ekstasis Editions
Named for the Greek word meaning 'to stand outside oneself', Ekstasis has mostly stood outside the mainstream, marketing more than 30 poetry titles internationally from publisher Richard Olafson's Victoria home. Recent titles are by Michael Bullock and the late Luella Kerr. Box 8474 Main Postal Station Victoria V8W 3S1.

Expanducators Publishing
Specializes in educational materials such as student-teacher resource guides. Approximately 30 titles in print. 135 North Howard Ave. Bumaby V5B 1J6.

Flight Press
Nancy Flight first ventured into publishing with columnist Jeani Read's non-fiction collection Endless Summers. Flight has since turned her hand to a cooperative editing service. #2 3630 West Broadway Vancouver V6R 2B7.

Footprint Publishing
John Garden, a CP locomotive engineer, has published five hardcover books, most recently Nicholas Morant's Canadian Pacific, an $80 collection of photos by the CPR's official photographer. He's currently writing a biography of Morant. Other titles are The Selkirks, The Bugaboos and The Guiding Spirit PO Box 1830 Revelstoke VOE 2S0
Foundation House Publications Devoted to promulgating the philosophies of Martin Exeter, the seventh Marquis of Exeter, Foundation House springs from the Emissary community of 1 00 Mile House from where Exeter primarily led the Emissaries during his 33-year tenure as the successor to American visionary Lloyd Arthur Meeker. Box 9100 Mile House VOK 2EO Contact: Norman Smookler.

The Fraser Institute
Professional media spokesperson Michael Walker obtains funding from large corporations to publish more than 100 titles of conservative views on economics and other public policy issues. His colleague Walter Block is also a major instigator of the Fraser Institute 110-plus titles and press coverage. The Institute also publishes a newsletter examining Canadian media's responses to major news stories such as NAFTA. 626 Bute St. Vancouver V6E 3M1 Contact: Sally Pipes.

Gallerle Publications
Caffyn Kelley has specialized in nonelitist profiles of feminist artists since 1988. Her annual Gallerie: Women's Art books have been followed by a series called Women Artists Monographs. 2901 Panorama Drive North Vancouver V7G 2A4.

Good Medicine Books
The prolific output of Swiss-bom, California-schooled, adopted-Blackfoot Canadian Adolph Hungry Wolf commenced with his first Good Medicine imprint in 1969. Published throughout the world, Hungry Wolf 1s a railway buff and an authority on many aspects of Native culture. His wife Beverly is also an author. Despite dozens of titles, Hungry Wolf keeps a low profile. Box 844 Skookumchuk VOB 2EO.

Gordon Soules Publishing
As the major distributor of independent titles in B.C., Gordon Soules is also a publisher of successful non-fiction titles which include Ian and Sally Wilson's Wilderness Seasons, Betty Pratt-Johnson's 141 Dives and Gloria Sniveley's Exploring the Seashore. Soules, his wife Christine and the late Raymond Hull wrote Vancouver's Past in 1974, plus Soules wrote Vancouver at Your Feet. He has published several significant books about the peace movement and the Arctic. 1352 -B Marine Drive West Vancouver V7T 1 B5.

Gorse Press
As the author of Pulplog, Barry McKinnon received the Livesay Poetry Prize in 1992 having previously published Victoria Walker's Suitcase, the Livesay Poetry Prize winner in 1990. Gorse was founded in 1979 as a successor to the Caledonia Writing Series. 1420 Gorse Street Prince George V2L 1 G3.

Hancock House
Although infamous among some authors as a publisher to be avoided, David Hancock continues as one of B.C.'s most experienced publishers. Significant works include the alleged writings of Chief Dan George, books by his former wife Lyn Hancock, a gardening book by Bill Vander Zalm, Raymond de Coccola's The Incredible Eskimo and Ed Gould's bestseller Ralph Edwards of Lonesome Lake. 19313 0 Ave Surrey BC V3S 5J9.

Harbour Publishing
Operated by Howard and Mary White since 1972, this press began with Raincoast Chronicles and issued its first books in 1973. With one of the most diverse lists in Canada everything from Canuck hockey to poetry to New Yorker contributor Edith Iglauer's bestseller Fishing With John Harbour rivals D&M for cultural influence despite its purposefully remote locale. Bookseller Celia Duthie has dubbed Leacock Medal winner Howard White as 'the hero' of indigenous B.C. publishing. Influential behind the scenes on many books he doesn't publish himself, White has attracted authors such as AI Purdy, George Woodcock, Tom Wayman, Hubert Evans, Alan Fry and the prolific Anne Cameron. Bestsellers include Don Graham's Keepers of the Light and the trilogy about Jim Spilsbury, Spllsbury's Coast, The Accidental Airline and Spllsbury's Album. Box 219 Madeira Park VON 2HO.

Hartley & Marks
Vic Marks began his publishing career by editing a successful1973 compendium about rural living, Cloudburst, gleaned from his knowledge as a former editor of the B.C. Access Catalogue. With partner Sue Tauber he now operates a typesetting and design company that releases several books per year pertaining to health, self-help, design and community. (There is no 'Hartley'.) 3663 West Broadway Vancouver B.C. V6R 2B8
Heritage House One of the unsung heroes of B.C. publishing, Art Downs is the originator of B.C. Outdoors magazine. As the author / editor of many B.C. history titles such as The Hope Slide Story and Paddlewheels on the Frontier, Downs prefers to market non-fiction titles to and about non-urban B.C. such as Charlie White's fishing books and Cecil Clark's Provincial Police .stories. 5543 129 St. Surrey V3W 4H4.

Horsdal & Schubart
Formerly Saltspring Island's only resident publishers, Marlyn Horsdal and Michael Schubart continue operations from Victoria with maritime history titles which most recently include Charles Lillard's The Call of the Coast and James Delgado's Dauntless St. Roch. #618 425 Simcoe Victoria B.C. V8V 4T3.

Kalamalka Press
The press releases literary works by writers affiliated with the Kalamalka Writers Group. Karen Connelly's The Small Words in My Body received the Pat Lowther Award. 7000 College Way Vernon V1 B 2N5 Contact: Virginia Dansereau.

Klassen & Foster Publications
Like many writers living in northern B.C. and interested in publishing material related to the north, Henry Arden Klassen of North Barriere Lake has been releasing his own Service-like poems of the north for a decade, along with fiction and novel by Beatrice Harris. Box 18 Barriere VOE 1 EO. Contact. Henry Klassen.

Lazara Publications The publisher of numerous books by Helen Potrebenko, freelance editor Penny Goldsmith has recently branched out to include chapbooks about women's issues. Begun in 1981, Lazara bears Penelope Lazara Goldsmith's middle name. Box 2269 MPO Vancouver V6B 3W2.

Log House Publishers
Since self-publishing Building With Logs in 1971 (more than eight printings), Allan Mackie has operated a log building school in Prince George and published numerous bestsellers pertaining to log construction such as Log House Plans. Despite selling hundreds of thousands of books, the husband-and-wife publishing company is almost never recognized by media. R.R. #1 Pender Island VON 1 MO Contact: Mary Mackie.

Lone Pine Publishers
An Alberta-based company. Lone Pine has recently hung out its shingle in the more diverse B.C. market under the guidance of Shane Kennedy, son of owner Grant Kennedy. Revised nature titles and a picnickers' guide have been followed by Wade Davis' remarkable collection of essays, Shadows In the Sun. Suite 202A 1110 Seymour Vancouver VSB 3N3.

LPL Lifting Press
The family that publishes together, stays together. Since 1985 weightlifter Paul Bjamason and his wife Val Bjarnason have produced hand-scripted collections of aphorisms and weightlifting titles such as Weight Training for Everyone-plus math handbooks and a collection of poetry by their daughter. Box 48808 Dept 444 Bentall Centre Vancouver V7X 1A6.

Milestone Publications
Founded by Ken Pattison, Anne Werry's company has served as an independent distributor and occasional publisher for a varied list of independent non-fiction titles 3284 Heather Vancouver VSZ 3K5.

Morriss Printing
Although seldom recognized as a trade publisher, the venerable Victoria printing company that doubles as the home of Sono Nis Press served as the major producer of 'independent' titles in B.C. throughout the 1950s and '5Os. In the process the Morris imprint produced several hundred titles and numerous bestsellers such as George Nicholson's Vancouver Island's West Coast. 1745 Blanshard St. Victoria V8W 2J8 Contact: Dick Morriss.

New Leaf Publishing
Formed in 1987 by Pat Lavac and Hardy Fischer, New Leaf represents selfpublishers in a variety of genres from its Richmond headquarters. 5280 Minoru Blvd. Richmond VSX 2A9.

New Society Publishers
Kip and Judith Plant publish New Catalyst magazine and distribute 'alternative' books about ecofeminism, environmentalism and community politics to promote non-violent social change such as The Raging Grannies Songbook. Box 189 Gabriola Island VOR 1XO.

New Star Books
Founded by Lanny Beckman and Stan Persky in 1969, New Star's predominantly left-wing and literary titles from the 1970s and '80s are being augmented by more diverse offerings under Rolf Maurer and Audrey McClellan. Persky's populist political titles such as Son of Socred, for example, have been followed by Buddy's, his evocation of homosexuality in Vancouver. Recent titles include A Child Is Not A Toy by VanCity Book Prize winner Sheila Baxter, Mark Hume's The Run of the River and Terry Glavin's Nemlah: The Unconquered Country, Co-written with the People of the Nemiah Valley. 2504 York Avenue Vancouver VSK 1 E3.

Oolichan Books
Founded by Malaspina College English professor Ron Smith in 1974, Oolichan continues to publish emerging fiction writers and B.C. history. Approaching 100 titles, Oolichan highlights include Ven Begamudre's A Planet of Eccentrics, Edna Alford's A Sleepful of Dreams, Lynne Bowen's Boss Whistle, a local history The Albernls and a book on northern B.C. salmon canneries. Books on aboriginal self-determination are published in conjunction with The Institute for Research on Public Policy. P.O. Box 10 Lantzville VOR 2HO Contact Rhonda Bailey.

Orca Book Publishers
Named 'Canadian Publisher of the Year' in 1992 by the Canadian Booksellers Assn., Bob Tyrrell's Orca Books is a typical B.C. company founded by a former English teacher when he chose to self-publish his guide to Vancouver Island pubs in 1985. A rapidly expanding children's literature program under Anne Featherstone has resulted in award-winning titles such as Alexandra Morton's Slwiti and Waiting for the Whales which earned a GG Award for illustrator Ron Lightburn. 1030 North Park Street Victoria V8T 1CS.

Pacific Educational Publishers
With 100 titles since 1971, PEP was mainly oriented towards the educational market under founder Kip Anastasiou. a UBC Education faculty member. Under Catherine Edwards PEP has also released 'trade' titles such as Alan Haig-Brown's story of a West Coast tug, The Suzie A and Lorna Williams' SIma7 Come Join Me. Faculty of Education University of B.C. Vancouver B.C. VST 1Z5.

Palmer Press
Another of B.C.'s maverick self-publishers, child psychiatrist Dr. Thomas P. Millar has released numerous plays, short stories and a novel mainly pertaining to his witty professional views on modern behaviour. His novel Who's Afraid of Sigmund Freud? was one of six finalists for the Leacock Humour Medal in 1985. #23 659 Clyde Avenue West VancouverV7T1 C8.

Petarade Press
Along with Sheri-D Wilson, Gordon Murray mobilized support and funding for the first Vancouver Free Press Festival. With Petarade he has published several literary titles and Sideshow: The Howe Street Carnival by freelance investigative reporter Adrian du Plessis and Carel Moiseiwitsch. The Free Press Festival, now overseen by Kedrick James, has yet to live up to its potential as a representative gathering of small and independent publishers. Box 65746 Station F Vancouver, V5N 5K7.

The Poem Factory
A new undertaking by visual artist and arts activist Ed Varney, The Poem Factory will continue Varney's dedication to the province's alternative art community. Varney founded Intermedia Press in 1969, joined by Henry Rappaport in 1971. They published 65 mainly literary titles until 1983. Box 35220 Vancouver V6M 464.

Polestar Press
Founded by Julian Ross in 1981 with The Original Student Calendar, Polestar has been a multi-faceted and surprisingly active company considering its Kootenay base with titles such as Herb Hammond's Seeing the Forest Among the Trees and Paulette Jiles' Sitting In the Club Car Drinking Rum and Karma Kola. With Michelle Benjamin as a Vancouver-based partner Polestar is now one of the few trade houses to consistently publish poetry. Box 69382 Stn. K Vancouver V5K 4W6 or R.R.1 Winlaw VOG 2JO.

Porthole Press
Prolific SF novelist Michael Coney has teamed with veteran publisher Gray Campbell to keep the Porthole imprint afloat. Porthole is offering a series of Coney's comic novels set on the West Coast and a coffee table book on the Snowbirds flying team. Coney also distributes The Lonely Cry, a newsletter to showcase local SF authors. Campbell was the founder of Gray's Publishing, one of B.C.'s first commercial publishing houses. 2082 Neptune Rd. Route 3 Sidney V8L 3X9.

Press Gang Publishers
As a feminist publishing collective formed from a printing cooperative in 1974, Press Gang has released possibly the bestselling title in B.C. history, Anne Cameron's Daughters of Copper Woman in 1981. Feminist and lesbian titles have been divided equally between literature and non-fiction. B.C. Reconsidered is a volume of feminist academic essays; My Grass Cradle is a new poetry volume by Lampert Award-winner Joanne Arnott. 603 Powell St. Vancouver V6A 1 H2.

Ptarmigan Press
As an offshoot of Kask Graphics (which has printed numerous independent titles from the central Vancouver Island area), Ptarmigan has released titles such as Nootka Sound Explored and a history of Tyee fishing. 1372 Island Highway Campbell River V9W 2E1 Contact: Bryan Wiley.

PTC Phototype Composing Ltd
Editor Steve Winter is chiefly responsible for a series of bestselling recreational atlases under his Informap imprint. 2647 Anscomb Place Victoria V8R 2C7.

Pulp Press
Semi-legendary, Arsenal Pulp Press Book Publishers Ltd. evolved from a 1971 collective that gathered Steve Osborne, his brother Tom, the late Jon Furberg, the late D.M. Fraser and Greg Enright--among others. They created the Three Day Novel contest and 3cent Pulp magazine. Steve Osborne has persevered and expanded to produce an offshoot magazine called Geist in the 1990s, plus some outstanding books that include D.M. Fraser's fiction, Bridget Moran's Stoney Creek Woman, Dan Francis' The Imaginary Indian and Howard White's The Men There Were Then. Brian Lam and Wendy Atkinson manage day-to-day affairs alongside Vancouver Desktop Publishing. #100-1 062 Homer Vancouver V6B 2W9.

Raincoast Books
Primarily a book warehousing company, Raincoast has also co-released Nick Bantock's success stories Griffin & Sabine and Sabine's Notebook with U.S. partners. Other titles include John Dowd's Ring of Tall Treesand Allan Duncan's Yukon memoir Medicine, Madames and Mounties. 112 East 3rd Ave. Vancouver V5T 1 C8 Contact: Kevin Williams.

Reference West
Editors Charles Lillard and Robin Skelton of the Hawthome Society publish chapbooks, plus Vancouver Island Editions. Two chapbooks have won the bp nichol Award. 2450 Central Ave Victoria V8S 2S8.

Reflections Press
Books from Neil Aitken and partner Ruth Loomis include the opening statements of the Gitksan and Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs for their controversial land claims case and a study of Merv Wilkinson's reforestation practices, Wildwood: A Forest for the Future. Box 178 Gabriola VOR 1XO.

Royal British Columbia Museum
Gerry Truscott, formerly of Press Porcepic, oversees a wide range of publications that recently included Wayne Campbell's ambitious encyclopedia of B.C. birds. The museum formerly published an excellent and much-missed Sound Heritage Series that documented B.C. oral history. The valuable series was terminated by the Social Credit government's 'restraint' program in the early 1980s. Meanwhile the Museum is undertaking some co-publishing projects, most recently a reprint of Bill Johnstone's Coal Dust in my Blood with Oolichan Books. 675 Belleville Street Victoria V8V 1X4.

Saltaire Publishing
Charlie White writes books on salmon and marine life. He has been giving seminars on fishing for 25 years.. His articles have appeared in many outdoors publications and he is featured in the promotional film, "Salmon Spectacular". He formed Saltaire when he discovered that other publishers did not sufficiently market his work. P.O. Box 2003 Sidney V8L 3S3.

Sandhill Marketing
Primarily a distributor of other publishers' titles, Sandhill's Nancy Wise co-wrote How To Self-Pubilsh and Make Money with Marion Crook and has also released a guide to wineries and several local history titles. Box 197 Station A Kelowna V1 Y 7W5.

Self-Counsel Press
By providing self-help books for lay people pertaining to business and legal matters, Diana Douglas has flourished without government subsidies to manage the province's second or third largest publishing company (depending who you talk to) in terms of sales. Douglas, the daughter of retired publisher Jim Douglas, took over Self-Counsel Press from her second husband Jack James in 1984, after having used James' Divorce Guide for B.C. to divorce her first husband. Sales and marketing offices are maintained in Ontario and Washington State. 1481 Charlotte Road North VancouverV7J 1H1.

Sono Nis Press
Founded as a literary press in 1968 by J. Michael Yates, Sono Nis is named for a character in its first publication, Yates' own Man In the Glass Octopus. (Sono means 'I am'; nis means 'is not.') Morriss Printing of Victoria, as principal creditor, took over control in 1976, installing Robin Skelton as chief editor. Now home to West Coast titles of literature and social history, Sono Nis has released the many transportation histories of Robert Turner, numerous titles by Charles Lillard and Michael Bullock, studies of pioneer architects Rattenbury and Maclure, Peter Murray's biography of missionary Robert Duncan and a batch of new poetry books. Angela Addish has recently replaced long-time manager Pat Sloan. 1745 Blanshard Victoria V8W 2J8.

Sonotek Publishing
Specializing in books pertaining to the B.C. Interior, veteran freelancer and photographer Murphy Shewchuk has produced eight titles since 1989, usually marketed through Sandhill Distributing. Box 1752, Merritt VOK 2BO.

Book packager Ken Budd has also contributed the writing to numerous coffee table books, some of which bear the Summerwild imprint. He was a co-recipient, for example; of the Bill Duthie Booksellers Choice Award in 1990 for Carmanah: Artistic Visions of an Ancient Rainforest. #2202 1275 Pacific St Vancouver V6E 1T6.

Sunfire Publications
This is the chief book imprint for Garnet Basque who has operated Canadian West magazine since 1985. Basque is an expert on B.C. history and has amassed an extensive collection of history-related photos. P.O. Box 3399 Langley V3A 4R7

Take Part Productions
A former drama teacher, Lois Walker has written 13 activity books for children. She began hosting a half-hour television series on YTV in 1988. She also edits and publishes reading assistance materials for elementary school teachers. Box 86756 North Vancouver V7L 4L3.

Renowned in the 1970s as Canada's foremost publishing house for drama, Talon was initially controlled by David Robinson, Jim Brown, Gordon Fidler and Peter Hay. Current boss Karl Siegler joined the editorial mainstay Robinson as co-manager in 1974. Authors in the 1970s and '80s included Jane Rule, Audrey Thomas, bill bissett, Michel Tremblay, George Ryga, George Bowering, Phyllis Webb and Brian Fawcett. Bestsellers have included Ryga's The Ecstasy of Rita Joe, Umberto Menghi cookbooks and Susan Mendelson's Mama Never Cooked Like This. Since Robinson's departure in the late 1980s Talon has supported innovative writing with successful coffee table books such as An Enterprising Life, Stein: The Way of the River and Bruce Macdonald's Vancouver: A Visual History. 201 -1019 East Cordova Vancouver V6A 1M8.

Tantalus Research
Tantalus's approximately 40 titles pertain to geography. P.O. Box 34248 2405 Pine Vancouver B.C. V6J 4N8 Contact: D.F. Hardwick.

Theytus Books
With a dozen new titles planned for 1993, Canada's foremost Native-owned and operated press has grown since 1981 to be the envy of the indigenous people's publishing movement. The leading editorial force is Okanagan author Jeannette Armstrong, who administers the adjoining En'owkin Centre. The publisher is Greg Young-ing. Authors include Armstrong, Lee Maracle and Native architect Douglas Cardinal who is currently designing an expanded headquarters for En'owkin and Theytus. Box 20040 Penticton V2Z 8K3.

UBC Press
Second-largest in terms of titles published, UBC was established in 1971 primarily as an outlet for scholarly works. The major undertaking in the 1970s was a revised edition of A.L. Farley's Atlas of British Columbia. The arrival of Peter Milroy as director two years ago has moved the press closer to the mainstream book market. Award winning titles have recently included Paul Tennant's Aboriginal People and Politics and Gerald Straley's Trees of Vancouver. UBC historian and author Jean Barman is spearheading a new division for historical B.C. memoirs and populist history. 303 -6344 Memorial Rd. Vancouver V6T 1W5.

Vancouver Community College Press
Raymond Bendall at Langara has released ten educational and instructional titles. 1 00 West 49th Ave., Vancouver V5Y 2Z6.

Western Canada Wilderness Committee'
WCWC's Paul George and friends earned a B.C. Book Prize for Carmanah, plus they've released about a dozen other environmental books such as Thorn Henley's Rediscovery and Randy Stoltmann's Guide to the Record Trees of British Columbia, a follow-up to his Hiking Guide to the Big Trees. 20 Water Street Vancouver V6B 1A4.

Whitecap Books
Initially specializing in photographic books under founder Michael Burch, Whitecap scored a Canadian publishing coup with their souvenir album, The Expo Celebration. An even more ambitious project to commemorate the Olympic torch relay forced Whitecap to reconsider its program. With the subsequent advent of Colleen MacMillan as publishing director Whitecap has concentrated on nature and outdoors titles such as The Twelve Month Gardener, Guardians of the Whales and heritage titles by Michael Kluckner. Rosemary Neering's Down the Road won a B.C. Book Prize for taking the pulse of smalltown B.C.; Rosamund Norbury's Behind the Chutes recently documented the mystique of cowboy culture. 1086 West 3rd St. North Vancouver V7P 3J6.

Wood Lake Books
Ralph Milton's United Church-oriented titles have made Wood Lake one of the province's largest publishing firms, built upon the huge success of a 1987 collection of new and old hymns. Songs for a Gospel People. Inspirational but seldom preachy, Wood Lake books express liberal interpretations of Scriptures, chronicle the lives of contemporary Christians and examine trends in mainstream Christian philosophy. P.O. Box 700 Winfield VOH 2CO.

World of Soccer
Formerly head coach of Canada's national soccer squad, Tony Waiters is a self-marketer who teaches soccer skills for coaches and players. He has released a variety of educational publications which have been translated into several languages. #220 -545 Clyde Ave. West Vancouver V7T 1 C5.

Yinka Dene Language Institute
Dedicated to culture retention by Interior B.C. Natives, the Institute has released bilingual children's books and classroom dictionaries. P.O. Bag 7000 Vanderhoof VOJ 3AO Contact: Mrs. Rose Pierre.

ABZ Publishing Box 1404 Station A Vancouver V6C 2P7 Contact Don Townson
Aerie Publishing, Deep Bay, Bowser VOR 1GO Contact: John Whelan
Aldergrove Publishing 3207-275A St. Aldergrove VOX 1 AO Contact: Pat Stanyer
All About Us. R.R. 3, Yellow Point Rd. Ladysmith VOR 2EO Contact: Seymour Trieger Apple Press, Hornby Island VOR 1Z0 Contact Olivia Fletcher
Arbutus Bay Pub #12 (Jolly) Secret Cove R.R. #1 Halfmoon Bay VON 1YO Fraser Taylor Argo Communicative Technologies, Cawston, VOX 1CO Contact Forbes Leslie
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, 1040 Moss St \Victoria V8V 4P1
Artcore Publishing 1650 Johnston St. Vancouver V6H 3S2 Contact: G. Onley
Autumn Images Box 904 Fort Nelson VOC 1 RO Contact: Earl Brown
Avis Art 2576 Estevan Ave. Victoria V8R 2S9 Contact: Avis Rasmussen
Azure Press, PO. Box 2164, 2417 Bearon Ave #3, Sidney V813S6
Bauhinea Press, 7756 Lawrence Drive, Burnaby V5A 3M9 Contact Benjamin Ho
Baum Publications, 831 Helmcken, Vancouver V6B 2E6
Beecap Publishing Route 2 Box 14, Site 1 Prince George V2N 2H9
Betnaza Publishing 1425 3rd Ave, Trail V1 R 1 P5 Contact Anna Betnaza
Black Cat Collective 699 810 West Broadway Vancouver V5Z 4C9 Rob Hawatson Blinkhom Organization Box 88549, 101-13753 7200 Ave Surrey V3WOX1: Jeffrey Aitken
The Bluejean Express Box 530 Lantzville B.C. VOR 2HO Contact: Doug Calder
The Boag Foundation, 576 Keith Road, West Vancouver V7T 1L7
Braemar Books, P.O. Box 4142, Station A, \Victoria V8X 3X4
Briarwood Publications 7411 Ash St Richmond V6Y 2R9 Contact: Sharon MacGougan British Columbia Who's Who, 8278 Manitoba St Vancouver V5X 3A2 Larry Pellizzari CC. Publishing 711 Creekside Rd. Penticton V2A 2C5 Contact: Victor Ince
Candan Publishing PO Box 126 Canal Flats VOB 180 Contact: Catherine M. Pruissen Canho Enterprises Box 937 Kelowna V1Y 7P7 Contact A. Avison
Carann Distributors 2668 Cavendish Ave. Victoria V8R 2G6 Contact: Anne Herbert Cariaga Publishing Box 1428 Sechelt VON 3AO Contact: Hajo Hadeler
Cariboo Tribal Council Box 4333 Williams Lake V2G 2V4 Contact: Sharon Bob
CBD Inc. Box 205,106-1656 Marine Dr. White Rock V4A 6E7 Contact: Ann Corooran Cedar-Cott Enterprise 45940 Collins Drive, Sardis V2R 2E2 Contact: Helena Braun Celtic Connection #1129 510 West Hastings, Vancouver V6B 1LB Contact Jack Wallace Cherry Tree Press, Box 5113, Stn. B Victoria VSR 6N3
Children's Book Press 1363 Fountain Way, Vancouver V6H 3T2 Mary Ungerleider Choice Words Press General Delivery, Osoyoos VOH 1VO Contact: Kevin Nickerson Clare Educational 4188 Virginia Cres., North Van V7R 3Z6 Contact: William Clare Colin Upton Comics 6424 Chester Street Vancouver V5W 3C3 Contact Colin Upton Consulting Resources #203 2760 Trethewey Abbotsford V2T 3R1 Eleanor Parkinson Cottage Publishing 5856 Sunset Drive Nanaimo V9V 1 E4 Contact: Harold Bamaby Crazy Horse Publishing Box 33962 Stn D Vancouver V6J 4L7 Contact Michael Buckley Creative Curriculum Inc. 5210 Malaspina PI. North Van V7R 4M1 Contact: Louise Steele
Credit Management P.O. Box 3882 Vancouver V5L 2H1
Crompton Books 142A West 15th St North Van V7M 1 R5 Contact: Dr. John Matsen Crook Publishing 1680 Cornell Ave. Coquitlam V3J 3A 1 Contact: Marion Crook
Crown Publications 546 Yates St Victoria V8W 1 K8 Contact Carolyn Pettersen
Currie's Forestgraphics 2035 Stanley Ave Victoria VSR 3X7 Contact: Gordon Currie Dewdney Publishing PO Box 231 Cranbrook V1C 4H7 Contact: Blair Farish
Douglas Geidt, Box 246, Union Bay VOR 380
Eagle Point Press 220 Stewart Avenue Nanaimo V9S 4C3
First Avenue Press #3-1 550 Beatty St Vancouver V6B 2Z3 Contact: Terry Dobroslanic Flickers Media Productions 43 Van Horne Street Penticton V2A 4J9 Contact: Sonni Bone Flying W Publishing P.O Box 3118 Courtenay V9N 5N3 Contact: Gordon Wagner
The Fogducker's Press Box 144 Errington VOR 1VO Contact. Ben Maartrnan
Fountain Books, 2475 West 37th Ave, Vancouver V6M 1 P4
Four Cedars Productions, Box 464, Harrison Hot Springs VOM 1 KO
The Friends of Wells Gray Park, Box 131, Clearwater VOE 1 NO
Garfinkel Publications Box 46617 Stn. G Vancouver V6R 4G8 Contact: Larry Garfinkel Giampa/Cobbleston 1340 East Pender St VancouverV5L 1V8 Contact: Gerald Giampa GO IV IT Publications Box 3769 Courtenay V9N 7P1 Contact: Byron Henriques
Good Times, PO Box 33775 Stn D Vancouver V6J 4L6 Contact: B. Tinskamper
Gordon Peachey Publications Box 417 Station A Kelowna B.C. V1Y 7N8
D.S. Halliday Box 113 Dawson Creek V1G 4E9 Contact: D.S. Halliday
Heartleaf Box 40 Slocan Park VOG 2EO Contact: Stephanie Judy
Heritage Forge Publishing 14070 110 Avenue Surrey V3R 1 Z2 Contact: Colin Ming
The Heron Press, 2427 Panorama Dr. North Vancouver V7G 1V4
Heron Publishing Box 5579 Station B Victoria VSR 6S4Contact: Alfred Burdett
High Ground Press: RR 1 Madeira Park VON 2HO: John Pass
Horizon Positive Self-Image 108-1855 Nelson, VancouverV6G 1M9: John-Lee Kootnekoff Integrity International P.O. Box 9 100 Mile House B.C. VOK 2EO Contact: Chris Foster
Island Directory 1765 McTavish Sydney V8L 3S1 Contact: Barbara Brennan
Jupiter Publishing 8358 Rumming Road Lantzville VCR 2HO Contact: Judith Pines
K. W. Publications 1268 West Pender Vancouver V6E 2S8 Contact: Wanda Currie Kamloops Museum, 207 Seymour St, Kamloops V2C 2E7 Contact Elisabeth Duckworth Kenlyn Productions 3749 Shelbourne St. Victoria V8P 5NO Contact: Ken Stofer
Land of Ideas Industries 7571 Cresswell Court Vancouver V5S 3X8 Contact: Dan Chapman
Latin American Connexions 2524 Cypress Street Vancouver V6J 3N4
Light-House Publications, 1721 Walla, Vancouver V6R 4J7
Lightship Press, 109 -1418 Newport, Victoria V5S 5E9
Lillooet Tribal Council Box 1420 Liliooet VOK 1VO Contact: Leona Joseph
Lindsay Press 1775 Comox Avenue, Comox V9N 4A 1 Contact: Grace Lindsay
Liqueurs for Dessert 2886 E. 54th Ave Vancouver V5S 1 Y3 Contact: Sandra Wong
Little Shepherd Pub. Calamus Publishing, 525-M Head Street, Victoria, BC V9A 5S1, Contact: Heldor Schafer.
LPD Publishing 7143 Dumfries Street Vancouver V5P 3C3 Contact Don Lewis
MAlA Publishing 302 East 6th St North Vancouver V7L 1 P6 Maggie Paquet
MCB Communications Box 1355 Port Alberni Contact: Barry Coulson
Medea Desktop Publishing 1980 E. Pender Vancouver V5L 1 we Contact: Swee Sim Tan Melmoth Publications, C/o UBC Creative Writing V6T 1W5 Contact: Michael Bullock Membrum, P.O. Box 1494, Gibsons, VON 1VO Contact: Maurice Spira
Mercury Publishing 344 #101 -1164 Denman Street Vancouver V6G 2N9
Minus Tides Site #50 Box 10 Denman Island VOR 1TO Contact: Hillel Wright
M I R Publication Society, Box 730 Grand Forks VOH 1 HO
Namchi United Enterprises Box 33852 Station D Vancouver V6J 4L6 Contact: Roma Dehr
Nerve Press 5875 Elm Street Vancouver V6N 1 A6 Contact: C1audia Comwall
New Dawn Books Box 242 #439 4800 Kingsway Burnaby V5H 4J8 Contact: Carol Andrews
Newport Bay Pub. 356 Cyril Owen PI. R.R. 3 Victoria V8X 3X1 Contact: Don Lindenberg
Next Century Books #43093 4739 Willingdon, Bumaby V5G 4S2 Contact: Eugene Kaellis
Nor'West Publishing Box 379 Sechelt VON 3AO Contact: Susan Jackson
Northern B.C. Book Publishing, Box 1502 Vanderhoof VOJ 3AO Contact: Audrey L'Heureux
Oak House Publishing 3814 West 10th Ave Vancouver V6R 2G7
Obscure Pagan Press P.O. Box 2205 C1earbrook V2T 3X8 Contact: Samuel Wagar
Owl Energy Publications R.R. #1 Site 8 C5 Gibsons YON 1VO Contact: Stella Nutch Pacific Edge Publishing RR 1 Site 2 Gabriola Island VOR 1XO Contact Ron Mumford Pacific Salmon Commission Suite 600 1155 Robson S1reet Vancouver V6E 1 B5
Panda Press Publications, Richards Road, Roberts Creek YON 2WO
Pangli Imprint 1582 Rena Crescent West Vancouver V7V 2Z3 Contact Des Power Pathfinder Press 3967 Main St. Vancouver V5V 3P3 Contact: Jce Young
Personal Power Press, Box V-49 R.R. 1 Bowen Island VON 1GO Contact: Lorna Lyons Philarn Books Inc., #2101 2077 Nelson St Vancouver V6G 2Y2
Pine Tree Press 1182 East Hastings St. VancouverV6A 1S2 Contact. Jim Rimmer
Printex 1310 Walnut Street Vancouver V6J 3R3 Contact: Antonio Urrello
Prior Editions 3rd floor 1028 Hamilton Street Vancouver BC V6B 2R9
Qualy Publishing Box 6399-10 Victoria V8P 5M3 Contact: Susie Nute
Quiet Moments Publishing, 3410 Marpole Ave Vancouver V6J 2S1
R.J. Watts & Assoc. 4010 Bayridge West Vancouver V7V 3K4 Reg Watts
Raddle Moon 2239 Stephens St. Vancouver V6K 3W5 Contact: Susan Clark
Rare Gem Publishing PO Box 465 Brentwood Bay VOS 1AO Terri McCullough Red Cedar Press 606 First St Nanaimo V9R 1 Y9 Contact: Win Baker
Repository Press, R.R. 7, Site 29, Comp 8, Prince George V2N 2J5 Contact: John Hartis
Rhino Press, Box 5207, Stn B. Victoria V8R 6N4
Rucksack Books 3535 Redwood Ave Victoria V8P 4Z6 Contact: Cecilia Mavrow
Sand Dollar Press, Box 2003 Sidney V8L 3S3 Contact: Mamie Andersen
Sara Society P.O. Box 16 Surrey V3T 4W4 Contact: Marne Keller
Secwepemc Society 345 Yellowhead Hwy Kamloops V2H 1 H1 Charlotte Francois Sedge Publishing 1364 BeachGrove Rd. Delta V4L 1N6 Steve Gatensbury
Signature Publishing 927 Second St New Westminster V3L 2N8 Terry Julian
Sierra Club #314-620 View St Victoria V8W 1J6 Stephen Ruttan
Sikh Educational Society Box 1103 Station A Vancouver V6C 2T1
Slug Press #3971873 East Mall, UBC V6T 1Z1 Contact Peter Quartermain
Swan Lake Publishing 893 Leslie Victoria V8X 2Y3 Contact: Lynn Gough
Tantrum Press, 1 862 Parker St Vancouver V5L 2L 1 Contact: Charles Walts
Trabami Prod. Box 64026 555 Clarke Rd Coquitlam V3J 7V6 Gail Whittier TrailCityArchives,1394 PineAve, Trail V1R4E6 Contact: Jamie Forbes
Training Associates 1701 West 3rd Ave, Vancouver V6J 1K7 Peter Renner
Treeline Publishing Box 188 Harrison Hot Springs YOM 1KO Arnold McCoombs
Truth on Fire Publishing, Box 223, Stn A. Vancouver V6C 2M3 Wesley Wakefield Tsunami Editions #31727 William St Vancouver V5L 2R5 Larry Bremmer
Two Hearts Publishing 890 Agassiz Road Kamloops V2B 6GB Rhonda Clayton
Upper Case Publications 1018 Oiphant Ave. Victoria VBV 2V1 Eileen Marrett
Water Margin Press 3468 Oxford St Port Coquitlam V3B 4E2 Gordon Greene
Wave 7 Press Box 66159 Station F Vancouver V5N 5L4 Contact: Wreford Miller
West Van Memorial Library, 1950 Marine Drive, West Vancouver V7V 1J8
Western Traveller 205-2170 West 1st AveVancouverV6K 1E8 Chris Huddtestay
Westwater Research 2075 Westbrook Mall Vancouver V6N 1A6 Darlene Nickull
Whistle Punk Books, 2035 Stanley Ave, Victoria V8R 3X7
Whistler Publishing, Box 3641, Courtenay V9N 6Z8 Contact: K. Ben Buss
Wild Boar Publications 23200 88 Avenue Fort Langley VOX 1JO Chris Potter
Wild Light Press 135-4800 No 3 Rd. Suite 125 Richmond V6X 3A6 Paul Gilbert Wonderworld Publishing 201-416 W. Pender Vancouver V6B 1T5 Michael Volker
Yellow Hat Press, Box 34337, Stn. D Vancouver V6J 4P3 Contact: Beverly Chiu
Xanthyros Foundation Box 91980 West Van. V7V 4S4 Contact: Daya Harris

[BCBW, Summer, 1993] "Publishing";