Born in Lillooet in 1962, mixed media installation and performance artist Judy Radul has an MFA from Bard College, New York, and teaches visual art at Simon Fraser University. She has performed her poetry throughout Canada and the Netherlands.

Her published works include Rotating Bodies: Alexis, Crystal and Blake and Boner 9190 and the Weak. Her interdisciplinary work in photography, performance art, audio and video has resulted in several exhibitions including Downes Point and So Departed (Again), a multi-screen show at Presentation House Gallery in 2005. Filmed in an arbutus grove on Hornby Island in the summer of 2005, this exhibition was accompanied by a catalogue.

To celebrate, explain and catalogue Radul's works, People Things Enter Exit (Presentation House $35) contains essays by Christopher Eamon, Helga Pakasaar and Monika Szewczyk, with interviews by Jeff Derksen, Stan Douglas and Antonia Hirsch. 978-0-920293-70-6

[BCBW 2011] "Photography"