Born in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1957, cartoonist Adrian Raeside lived briefly in England before coming to Canada and working in Thunder Bay. He first published his work by illustrating a children's book written by his mother, Joan Raeside, in 1978. He began working as a political editorial cartoonist for the Times-Colonist in Victoria in the early 1980s, eventually being syndicated in 200 newspapers. He created his comic strip called The Other Coast in 1990. It appeared as a Sunday colour comic until emerging into a daily in 1999. In 1988 Raeside began an animation company called Heckle Films. Since then he has created and produced dozens of animated shows for Turner Broadcasting, CBC and Sesame Street. Animation for children led him to produce a series of children's books based on a portly dragon character created by his mother and intial co-author Joan Raeside. Dennis the Dragon and Dennis and the Big Clean-up were followed by a cautionary picture book called Dennis and the Fantastic Forest. The hero packs a picnic of chicken on doughnuts and strawberry noodles, heads for the woods and discovers his brothers have left blackened stumps -- and one tiny brown seed. Dennis nurtures it into a seedling and, in typical dragon fashion, gets carried away. Soon trees sprout from rooftops, playgrounds, duckponds, sofas and even jeans. But Dennis comes up with a solution and a new job that puts a damper on his fire breathing brothers.

Adrian Raeside's No Sailing Waits and Other Ferry Tales: 30 Years of BC Ferries Cartoons (Harbour 2012) contains hard-hitting cartoons about the BC Ferry system produced over a thirty-year period. A far more gentle humour is evident in Raeside's The Rainbow Bridge: A Visit to Pet Paradise (Harbour 2012), a magical tale of adventure for children and pet lovers of all ages. When a boy loses his beloved canine companion, the pooch waits from him in a heavenly place called Rainbow Bridge where pet owners are reunited with their pets in the after-life.

Tails Don't Lie: A Decade of Dog Cartoons (70 in Dog Years) appeared on the BC Bestseller List in 2014. Promotional material states: "This collection is for anyone who has ever wondered what constitutes "dog breath" to a dog, the real reason why dogs hate doggie coats, or why they replaced woolly mammoths as man's best friend. The answer to the last question is that dogs shed slightly less. But for other profound, hilarious and sometimes poignant observations, like why dogs shouldn't open restaurants, or what would happen if a dog actually caught a car, readers need look no further than Tails Don't Lie."

Raeside lived at Maple Bay on Vancouver Island before he moved to Whistler around the turn of the century.

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PHOTO: Adrian Raeside finds his grandfather's bunk in the preserved Terra Nova hut, Cape Evans, 2008.

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