"Yo! Wik'sas? Hello! How Are You" (Exile 2019) is a collaborative kids' book in English and Kwak'wala based on the paintings of Kwakwaka'wakw artist Chief Rande Cook. It takes the form of a conversation between Siri (an enigmatic creator) and Rande's two real-life kids, Isla and Ethan, who wonder about friendship, the future of the planet and what besides coffee motivates Dads. Cook's work is in a natural environment, not in front of a computer screen. When Linda Rogers suggested a book, he replied, "Good, go right ahead." So, Rogers proceeded to produce the book under Cook's supervision. The story is followed by some guidance for conversations to be led by teachers or parents. There is also a short glossary to introduce a few Kwak'wala words, the most important of which is Gilakas'la, thank you!

Rande Cook (b. May, 1977) is a Kwakwaka'wakw multimedia artist born in Alert Bay where he was influenced by the teachings of his grandparents, Gus and Florence Matilpi. In 2008, Rande inherited his grandfather's chieftainship and now carries the name Makwala, which means moon. In 1991, Cook moved to Victoria where he was exposed to a wide range of art forms and practices from the Western tradition. In 2015 and 2016, Cook held the Audain Professorship of Contemporary Art Practice of the Pacific Northwest with the Visual Arts department at the University of Victoria. He has studied traditional jewellery and carving techniques under several master craftsmen including carver John Livingston (1951-2019), as well as Robert Davidson (metal work), Calvin Hunt (wood) and Valentin Yotkov of New York (repousee and chasing). He is also known for his traditional dancing and singing in potlatches.

Co-authored with Linda Rogers: Yo! Wik'sas? Hello! How Are You?: An Illustrated Conversation with the Invisible Girl Siri (Exile 2019) $19.95 978-1550968286

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