Born in England in 1941, Valerie Raoul heads the Department of French at UBC. Distinctly Narcissistic: Diary Fiction in Quebec (1994) is her study of diary fiction written in Quebec between 1878 and 1990. She examines the social and ideological context in which diary fiction occurs, and the relation of fiction to autobiography. Women Filmmakers: Refocusing (UBC, 2003), her most recent title, was co-edited with Jacqueline Levitin and Judith Plessis.


Fictional Narcissism/Narcissistic Fiction (University of Toronto, 1980)
The French Fictional Journal (University of Toronto, 1980)
The Anatomy of Gender: Women's Struggle for the Body, co-edited with Dawn Currie (Carleton University, 1992)
Distinctly Narcissistic: Diary Fiction in Quebec (University of Toronto, 1994)
Women Filmmakers: Refocusing (UBC, 2003)

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