As self-described Geriatric Gypsies, Barb and Dave Rees of Powell River hit the road in an old 27-ft. motor home loaded down with driftwood, books, brandied blackberry sauce and sold their possessions as they went. With advice on free camping and roadside survival tips on locating farmers' and flea markets, RV Canada on a Dime and Dream ($19.95) recounts how they financed their way across Canada, starting with only $300 in their pockets. "It wasn't without many down-to-the-wire moments,"; she says, "but more often it was filled with the wonderful generous people that make up our great country."; 0-9736198-8-0.

[Contact: #14-7624 Duncan St., Powell River, BC,V8A 5L2; Phone: 604-485-2732; Toll Free: 1-866-373-2607]

PHOTO: Barb and Dave Rees

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