A Victoria-based grief psychologist, Nancy Reeves was awarded the 2002 Victoria YWCA Woman of Distinction Award for Health and Wellness. She has worked as the director and a psychotherapist at Island Loss Clinic in Canada, taught a graduate course at University of Victoria, conducted many international lectures and workshops, and written for Living Our Losses magazine.

Reeves intersperses everyday people's stories with biographical accounts from the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa and C.S. Lewis in I'd Say Yes God, If I Knew What You Wanted: Spiritual Discernment (Northstone)-a range of methods for tuning into God's will.

After seven-year-old Tabitha is intrigued by a Bible story, she shares Jesus' ideas with three best friends. The foursome starts their own non-virtual chat room, a club to discover how God enters their lives. That's the premise for the seven stories for and about children and their innate spirituality in Adventures of the God Detectives (Northstone) by Reeves and singer-songwriter Linnea Good, illustrated by Leslie Chevaliér.


But Won't Granny Need Her Socks? Dealing Effectively with Children's Concerns about Death and Dying. Co-written with Donald W. Knowles.

A Path Through Loss: A Guide to Writing your Healing and Growth (Salal Press 1999)

I'd Say Yes, God, If I Knew What You Wanted: Spiritual Discernment (Northstone, 2001)

Found Through Loss: Healing Stories from Scripture and Everyday Sacredness. (Northstone, 2002)

The Midwife's Story (Northstone, 2003). Woodcuts by Margaret Kyle.

Adventures of the God Detectives (Northstone 2006) $8.95. 1-55145-542-0.

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