According to his publisher:

George Reilly has been practicing psychology since the mid-1960s in a variety of settings. While completing his Masters in Clinical Psychology from the University of Ottawa, he spent several years as a psychometrist in a hospital/school for mentally and emotionally handicapped children and adults. Then, during doctoral program studies at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, he was employed part-time at the newly minted University Counselling Centre.

After earning a diploma in Clinical Psychology from Queen's, George, his wife, Marion, and their three children re-located to the mountains of eastern British Columbia, where he practised industrial, organizational, and counselling psychologies in-house with Cominco Ltd. (now Teck), a multinational mining and smelting firm.

After eight years in the mining industry, George shifted into private practice in the community and spent the next twenty-plus years providing psychological ser-vices to the general population of the West Kootenay region of British Columbia. It was during this later period that he developed a large practice of counselling and psychotherapy.

In response to a family crisis that is written about in this book, FINDING OUR WAY: From the Past to the Present in Personal Growth, George and Marion returned to the familiar surroundings of the Ottawa Valley and now live in Carleton Place, Ontario, where George conducts a counselling and psychotherapy practice on a semi-retired basis.


FINDING OUR WAY: From the Past to the Present in Personal Growth (General Store 2013) $24.95 9781771230155