Born in Winnipeg in 1955, Bill Richardson is a humourist and former host of CBC Radio's Richardson's Roundup. Once the self-dubbed 'Poet Laureate of Canada', his contributions were frequently heard on CBC Radio's Gabereau program, for which he served as a substitute host. He won the 1994 Stephen Leacock Humour Medal for Bachelor Brothers' Bed & Breakfast, a series of lighthearted remembrances from fiftysomething twins Hector and Virgil who manage a Gulf Islands retreat. He has also written for the Vancouver Sun and Georgia Straight. His first collection of memoirs, observations and poems is Canada Customs (1988). He has also hosted a CBC TV series about books and authors, Booked on Saturday Night, produced by Eclipse Productions, and he has twice emceed the B.C. Book Prizes [as seen at right].

In 2008, the 2008 Time to Read Award: BC Achievement Foundation Award for Early Literacy was presented to Bill Richardson and illustrator Cynthia Nugent for the 'The Aunts Come Marching' by BC Achievement Foundation Board member, The Hon. Iain Black.


Canada Customs (Brighouse, 1988)
Queen of All the Dustballs and Other Epics of Everyday Life (Brighouse, 1990)
Bachelor Brothers' Bed & Breakfast (D&M, 1994)
Come Into My Parlour (Polestar, 1994)
Guy to Goddess, photographs by Rosamond Norbury (Whitecap, 1994)
Bachelor Brothers' Bed & Breakfast Pillow Book (D&M, 1995)
Bachelor Brothers' Bedside Companion (D&M, 1996)
Scorned & Beloved: Dead of Winter Meetings with Canadian Eccentrics (Knopf, 1997)
oddball@large (D&M, 1998)
After Hamelin (Annick, 2000)
Waiting for Gertrude (D&M, 2001)
Dear Sad Goat: A Roundup of Truly Canadian Tales and Letters (D&M 2002)
Sally Dog Little (Annick, 2003)
The Aunts Come Marching (2007)
The Alphabet Thief (Groundwood 2017) illustrations Roxanna Bikadoroff $16.95 978-1-55498-877-8
The Bunny Band (Groundwood 2018) illustrations by Roxanna Bikadoroff $16.95 978-1773060934
The Promise Basket (Groundwood 2019) illustrations by Slavka Kolesar $17.95 h.c. 978-1-77306-089-7
I Saw Three Ships (Talonbooks 2019) $16.95 978-1-77201-233-0

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