DATE OF BIRTH: 06.21.67

PLACE OF BIRTH: Vancouver, B.C.

EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: Self-employed retail store owner

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Escape The Pace: 100 Fun And Easy Ways To Slow Down And Enjoy Your Life (Self-published, 2003). ISBN: 0-9730452-3-X Distributor: Dempsey Your Distributor Inc.

BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: Lisa Rickwood was born in Vancouver, B.C. but spent the majority of her childhood in the Okanagan. She graduated with art scholarships and attended the University of Victoria to complete her visual art degree. In 1990, she moved to Nanaimo and married, had two children and worked in advertising and marketing for newspapers. She also wrote for two local magazines. In 1999, she and her husband purchased a high-end menswear store and the demands led to increased stress. She researched stress and published a self-help book for busy people, and made a resource website. She also created products and services to help people cope with stress.

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