Vancouver-based Henri Robideau organized a touring exhibition of pioneer photographer Mattie Gunterman's work in the late 1970s after he discovered her archive at the Vancouver Public Library's Historical Photograph Section. He travelled to her birthplace of La Crosse, Wisconsin and attained additional photos from Avery Gunterman, son of Henry Gunterman. Robideau wrote and edited a biographical survey of her work in Flapjacks and Photographs: A History of Mattie Gunterman, Camp Cook and Photographer (Polestar, 1995). Gunterman purchased her first camera at age 25 in 1897, then moved with her family to the Kootenays in 1898. She documented the everyday life of family and friends. Gunterman died on June 18, 1945 at age 73 and was buried in the Arrowhead cemetery. Hannah Maynard of Victoria is generally regarded as the first important female photographer in British Columbia.

Robideau also co-authored Vancouver An Illustrated Chronology (Burlington, Ontario: Windsor Publications, 1986) with Chuck Davis and S. Mooney.

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Review of the author's work by BC Studies:
Flapjacks and Photographs: The Life Story of the Famous Camp Cook and Photographer Mattie Gunterman