Working as a team, Joh Nichols (writer) and Ken Rolston (illustrator) have created a self-published series for ages 4-9 about creatures with make-believe avian origins called Cackleberries in a world 'reminiscent of The Wind in the Willows'. The first book in the series, Eggbee's Dream, introduces a young cackleberry named Eggbee and his favorite superhero, Pouleteer. Together they work to rescue the rare turquoise tortoise from the Chicken Queen's clutches. In a follow-up called Rockhopper Rangers Map the Town, Eggbee and his fellow Rockhopper Rangers, Speckles, Albu and Aubie, explore Oville. Their team project is to make a map of the town. In Search for Cackasaurus, Eggbee and his friends set out in search of a mythical prehistoric creature.

CITY/TOWN: Summerland

PLACE OF BIRTH: Summerland



Eggbee's Dream (Cackleberry Press, 2001) 0-9686876-0-1 -
Rockhopper Rangers Map The Town (Cackleberry Press, 2001) 0-9686876-2-8 -
Search For Cackasaurus (Cackleberry Press, ?) 0-9686876-4-4

BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: Ken Rolston attended Okanagan College and obtained a Fine Arts degree in 1991. As a freelance illustrator, he has designed and painted unique goalie masks, murals, logos, team mascots, corporate materials, games and storybooks.

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