Gregory Ross of Heriot Bay is a self-publisher with many titles.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, 1951, Greg Ross spent 25 years in New Zealand; returned permanently to Canada in 1986. He has a BA in Geography from Canterbury University, New Zealand, 1976, with secondary in English, including English literature studies. He studied nonfiction personal essay writing at Ryerson University, Toronto, in 1997 under ex-Globe and Mail journalist and author Oakland Ross. He studied poetry, 1997, under Toronto poet Eric Layman (late). He has taught and tutored writing professionally from time to time in Alberta and British Columbia since 1991. Ross is a founding member of the Quadra Island Arts Alliance Society (2000). He won the 2008 Spirit of British Columbia Writing Competition, as sponsored by The Campbell River Mirror newspaper, and The Campbell River Arts Council, and Coho Bookstore, and The Campbell River Literacy Society. He has published in Canada since 1991 [ISBN block: 978- 0-9680731-]


(1) Outdoor Writing, 52pp ISBN:
0-9680731-0-7, first published
February 1991, Jasper, Alberta, (1,000copies) and revised edition in
February 1992, Athabasca, Alberta (1,000 copies) and again in 1994,
Toronto, Canada (300 copies). Outdoors nonfiction essays about Canada
and New Zealand.

(2) Alpine Writing, 20pp, ISBN condensed version of Alpine Writing (listed below),published in Toronto Canada, 1993 (2600 copies) nonfiction Canadian
and New Zealand outdoor vignettes. Out of print.

(3) Alpine Writing, 52pp. ISBN 0-9680731-2-3, 1994, Toronto, Canada,. (2200 copies) New Zealand and Canadian
nonfiction outdoors essays and vignettes.

(4) Red Beech Writing, 91 pp. Toronto, Canada 1995, (210 copies) New Zealand hunting memoir, nonfiction.
ISBN 0-9680731-3-1.

(5) Kiwi Writing, 32pp, ISBN 0-9680731-4-X, Toronto, Canada, 1996; nonfiction essays and poems about Canada and New Zealand outdoors.

(6) Kiwi Two, 34pp, ISBN 0-9680731-6-6, Toronto Canada, 1996; nonfiction
essays and poetry about Canada and New Zealand outdoors.

(7) The True Adventures of D-for
Dog, nonfiction comic book about a
dog with ten lives, 10 large pp. Toronto 1995, and British Columbia,

(8) Weka Writing, ISBN 0-9680731-7-4, 96
large pp, published 1998, Toronto Canada.. New Zealand and Canadian
outdoor essays, with a few poems, includes two pages of colour

(9) Ruru Writing, 64 pp. 1999, Quadra Island, British Columbia, Canada., New Zealand and Canada prose and poetry nonfiction,

(10) Culinary Herbs and Medicinal
Plants ~ An Herbal Compendium, 6 large pp defining 240 common
herbs. published 2006, Quadra Island, B.C. Canada

(11) Essays From an Island ~ Volume
One, 978-0-9730604- 2-5, published 2007, Quadra Island, British
Columbia, Canada. Nonfiction outdoors essays with a few poems

(12) Essays From an Island ~ Volume
Two; nonfiction essays with a few poems,

Essays From an Island ~ Volume One
and Volume Two are now only available as one book.

(13) Quadra Island Poetry, ISBN
978-0-9730604-6-1, 58pp, published June, 2009, Quadra Island, $12
British Columbia, Canada, nonfiction poetry about Canadian outdoors

(14) Rainforest Drift: 72pp,
ISBN 978- 0-9680731-5-4, published June 2009, Quadra Island,
British Columbia, Canada., Nonfiction Canadian Essays mostly about
Canadian outdoors

Humming Birds ~ The Fine Art of Writing Well (2010). 58 pages ISBN 978-0-9730604-8-5 . A book of prose-poetry, 58 pages, designed to make writers write and to inspire all artists. Published by Gregory Ross.

Words From an Island ~ An Anthology of Quadra Island Writing (2011) ISBN 978-0-9866117-4-2 50 pages . Also available as illustrated e-book ISBN 978-0-9877693-0-6. Seven Quadra Island writers contributed to this anthology which includes love poetry, nature writing, travel writing, humour, and personal essay. Compiled and published by Gregory Ross.

The following titles by Gregory Ross are now available as e-books colourfully illustrated with the author's photographs: Rainforest Drift, Essays From an Island (volumes I & II), Quadra Island Poetry, and Words From an Island anthology.

All of the above books have been lightly illustrated by the author Greg Ross. All of the above books are held in the Canadian National Library's Legal Deposit Office, and all of the above books with New Zealand content in them?books (1) to (9) inclusive?are held in the New Zealand National Library Archives in The Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand, as well as in the main Christchurch Public Library's New Zealand Reference Collection, not for loan.

The following titles by Ross are available only as e-books and only from

(1) Kaka Journal ~ A Writer's Life and Thoughts

ISBN 978-0-9730604-0-9

This book is memoir, poetry, travel, and general prose by a writer who loves to climb high and hike in remote alpine then write about it and his thoughts.

(2) Alpine Dreams ~ Travels From Canada to New Zealand's Alpine ~ 1996-2013

ISBN ~ 978-1-927442-03-6

This book is this Canadian-born author's accounts of his seven trips back to New Zealand to visit family and to hike the alpine.

(3) Kea Writing

ISBN 0-9680731-9-0

This book is the author's poetry and personal essays, mostly relating to New Zealand alpine and Canadian outdoors.

(4) A Reasonable Writer ~ A Writer's Ebb and Flow

Autobiographical, Notes, & Writing Exercise ~ For Writers' Reading

ISBN 978-1-927442-00-5

This book is prose written for writers and readers who need to find direction in their lives and especially in their writing.

(5) Red Deer Writing ~ A New Zealand Outdoors Memoir

ISBN 978-0-9866117-5-9

This book is the author's memoir of his 24.5 years of alpine adventures, mainly during hunting as a job, in New Zealand's mountains.

(6) Writing Mountains ~ A Canadian Outdoors Memoir

ISBN 978-0-9730604-9-2

This memoir relates the author's outdoors experiences as a child in Canada, then later after his return from many years in New Zealand, his experiences in his native Canadian outdoors especially the Rockies. For social activity and to see new places he has hitch-hiked much across Canada and throughout the USA from Alaska to Mexico.

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