At age eight, Noah Ross was the co-author of the All-Star Hockey Activity Book (Polestar $6.95) with his father Julian Ross, publisher of Bluefield Books (and former publisher of Polestar Press). Noah's younger brother Jesse also helped.

Working on The All-Star Hockey Activity Book, by Noah Ross, age 16:

"Everything gets slower when you add more people, because there's more difference of opinion, and that's especially true when the people you add are family. You really have to keep asking yourself whether something is worth arguing about, or not. For instance, I'd done a feature on the NHL's top fighters--who got the most points, what was the relationship between fights and games played, etc.--and my dad wanted to title it "I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again." He like it because it was a stupid song, and a stupid title, but I let him win because it wasn't worth arguing about.

Sometimes I'd want to change stuff in Jesse or Dad's work, but it's hard to make too many suggestions without hurting people's feelings. You wouldn't have to worry about this if you were working alone. My main problem in doing this book was that I'm now older than the book's age range and a lot of the hockey stats and trivia that really interested me--like old-time hockey history or indepth stat analysis--proved to be too detailed for the book. So I had to adapt my writing style a bit."

(See also Ross, Julian and Ross, Jesse)

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