As part of his doctoral research at Carleton University, Jason Patrick Rothery adapted China Mieville's novel, The City & The City for a co-proudction between Vancouver's theatre companies Upintheair and The Only Animal.

Inside the Seed (Talon 2016) examines how intelligent, well-intentioned people get caught up and often corrupted by complex institutional systems in corporate, military and governmental realms. The play's blurb summarizes the story as: "A once-brilliant scientist makes a startling discovery - a bioengineered form of rice that could save an overpopulated world on the brink of catastrophic famine. But what are the costs, to himself and to those for whom he is responsible?"

The debate is framed in thought-provoking way. Although millions of starving Africans will benefit from the rice, the scientist doesn't know about potential birth defects the rice causes, and those that do know, don't care or are more interested in making economic trade deals.


Inside the Seed (Talon 2016) $17.95 978-0-88922-986-0

[BCBW 2016]