Born in Mission on March 14, 1942, recreation and humour writer Ed Rychkun is an avid outdoorsman and former business executive who has written and published 12 books in the last decade. His titles have covered fishing, camping, self-publishing and humor. "My books focus on making things simple and fun--or funny," says Rychkun. "I like to offer a new twist of satire." Ed created his own publishing company and is now a semi-retired entrepreneur.


How's Your AQ Today (RRPublications, 2004)
Regional Parks of the Lower Mainland (RRPublications, 1998)
How to Self-publish for Fun & Profit (RRPublications, 1998)
Wilderness Trails in the Lower Mainland (RRPublic, 1996)
Wilderness Camping in the Lower MAinland (RRPublic, 1996)
The 12 Basic Skills of Fly Fishing (Hancock House, 1996)
195 Lakes of the Fraser VAlley Vol I (Hancock House, 1995)
195 Lakes of the Fraser Valley Vol II (Hancock House, 1995)
Tactical Secretes of Trout Fishing (Hancouck House, 1994)
Guide to Salmon Fishing (Hancock House, 1992)

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