"I prefer Canada to the U.S. with the same wariness that makes me prefer a good cop to a bad cop." -- Ron Sakolsky

Ron Sakolsky of Denman Island edits and publishes the annual 'zine' called Oystercatcher, since 2011, and has written several books relating to anarchism and surrealism.

Having provided an overview of the surrealist movement in the United States for Surrealist Subversions (Autonomedia $22.95 US), Ron Sakolsky has collected his various writings since the turn of the 21st century for Creating Anarchy (Fifth Estate $15 U.S.), "all bathed in the subversive light of anarchy and mad love."

With chapter headings such as 'Refusing the Marketplace,' 'Why Consent to be Ruled at All?' and 'Anarchy in a Diasporic Key', Sakolsky presents a collage of ideas and images that were mostly published previously, in slightly different forms, within publications that include Alternate Press Review, Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed, Black Sun, Confluence, Fifth Estate, Green Anarchy, Je Ne Sais Quoi, Minus Tides, Social Anarchism, Utopian Studies and his own publication, The Oystercatcher.

In a piece entitled Dancing Waves, Sakolsky briefly looks at comparisons to be made between Denman Island and the Orkney islands off the northern tip of Scotland. "Only after I'd left my old landlocked Illinois life behind and moved here lock, stock and barreled," he writes, "did I discover that Canada's most well-known anarchist philosopher George Woodcock was a frequenter of Denman on his way to neighboring Hornby Island to visit his good friend, the painter, Jack Shadbolt--a fact that appealed to my sense of anarchist synchronicity."

Swift Winds (Eberhardt Press $10) by Ron Sakolsky, is a collection of subversive texts, manifestos, mutinous rants, ideas, utopian dreams, impossible demands and incendiary broadsides strategically aimed at countering the pathos of miserabilism with the uncontrollable laughter of the insurgent imagination. Designed to fit in your back pocket and with artwork by Anais LaRue.

In Islands of Resistance, a collection of seventeen activist pieces, what pirate radio means to Canada is unveiled. "Pirate Radio" is defined as "an unlicensed form of radio broadcasting that relies on the airwaves for transmission rather than the internet-based mechanisms of podcasting or web radio."

Scratching the Tiger's Belly (Eberhardt Press $9.95) is a collection of hidden histories, rebel poems, prickly rants, black humor, slyly subversive stories, provocative parables and ideas-in-action.

CITY/TOWN: Denman Island, BC

DATE OF BIRTH: February 22, 1945



AWARDS: American Book Award, 1996 (for Sounding Off!)


In Search of the Masterless men of Newfoundland (Ardent Press 2018) $5

Birds of a Feather: Flights of the Anarcho-Surrealist Imagination (Eberhardt Press 2017)

Breaking Loose: Mutual Acquiescence or Mutual Aid ($8 2015)

Scratching the Tiger's Belly (Eberhardt Press, 2012). 111-0-00009-248-1

Islands of Resistance: Pirate Radio in Canada, with Andrea Langlois & Marian van der Zon. (New Star Books, 2010) 978-1-55420-050-4 : $21.00.

Swift Winds, includes poetry, rants, manifestos, and utopian visions. (Eberhart Press $10)

Creating Anarchy (Liberty, Tennessee: Fifth Estate Books, 2005). 0-9772258-0-1
[Fifth Estate Books, PO Box 6, Liberty, TN 37095]

Editor. Surrealist Subversions: Rants, Writings & Images by the Surrealist Movement in the United States (Autonomedia, 2002). 1-57027-122-4

Co-editor. (with Stephen Dunifer), Seizing The Airwaves: A Free Radio Handbook (AK Press, 1998)

Co-editor. (with Fred Ho) Sounding Off!: Music as Subversion/Resistance/Revolution (Autonomedia, 1995)

Co-editor. (with James Koehnline) Gone To Croatan: Origins of North American Drop-Out Culture (Autonomedia, 1993)

BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: "My passional attractions as an author/editor include: anarchy, surrealism, music and pirate radio. My writer's perch is on Denman Island, where the tides magically transform the landscape every day and the snow-capped Coastal Range mysteriously appears and disappears in the mist."

VIDEO: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PVwtUMEulGnrcZIbs1Me42Y4YVov2Foh/view?usp=drive_web

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