Work Less Party founder Conrad Schmidt, creator of the World Naked Bike Ride to protest climate change in 2004, first abandoned his work as a software engineer on Fridays, then he abandoned his Jeep. Today the South African-born activist believes that work sharing-working less-will lessen our imprint on the earth and help us enjoy life more. His clarion call for a commonsensical revolution to help the environment and our species, Workers of the World Relax (Work Less $15), has quickly garnered lots of press. If you want to save time and conserve paper, his short essays on work, happiness and consumerism in a global economy can be reduced to one inspirational message: "Work less, produce less, consume less and live more."; Schmidt's subtitle is The Simple Economics of Less Industrial Work. 0-9739772-0-5

[BCBW 2006] "Environment"