Glamorgan Farm was established in North Saanich in 1870 by Richard John. It was acquired in 2000 by Anny Scoones, daughter of the artists Molly Lamb Bobak and Bruno Bobak. Her first book about the farm is Home: Tales of a Heritage Farm (Hedgerow Press). It was followed by a series of gentle, autobiographical meanderings about her family, friends and travels, Home and Away: More Tales of a Heritage Farm (Touchwood).

According to Hedgerow Press: "Anny Scoones was born in 1957. She was raised in Fredericton, New Brunswick, but spent summers with her grandmother on Galiano Island, in British Columbia. After travelling abroad and in Canada as part of a theatre production crew, she settled on Galiano before moving to her present home in North Saanich. An elected councillor for the District of North Saanich, Anny's special concerns are the protection of the environment, the preservation of heritage, the development of parks and bicycle paths, architectural planning and design, and support of agriculture in this rural area. Anny has owned historic Glamorgan Farm since 2000. She is committed to restoring the farm's heritage buildings, raising rare breeds of livestock and growing heirloom produce. Her writings on these subjects have appeared in magazines and story collections. With a B.Ed. from the University of Victoria and a Diploma of Humanities, Anny is now working towards a Diploma in Cultural Restoration, which will augment her work both in the public sphere and on Glamorgan Farm."

In her first book Scoones explains how a period of solitary imprisonment in Russia relates to her purchase of the farm and to the philosophy that underlies her way of life there. Her second collection of memoirs, Home and Away: More Tales of a Heritage Farm (Touchwood) includes travel stories about other parts of Canada, New York, Malaysia and Belarus, as well as recollections of making bonfires, staying with a dying horse and playing with a 700-pound sow. In addition to sharing her home with seven cats and four dogs from the local SPCA,, and raising rare Gloucester Old Spot pigs, Scoones was serving her second term as a North Saanich district councillor when Home and Away was published.


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