Brian Scrivener was born in Vancouver on April 27, 1952. He has been most widely influential in British Columbia writing for his unseen role as an admired freelance editor. His name appears as a co-author only on Legends of Autumn: The Glory Years of Canadian Football (Greystone, 1997 $29.95) by Denny Boyd and A Day in the Life of the NHL (Penguin, 1997) by sportswriter Jim Taylor. The former attempts to re-capture an era of live Canadian football, before television swayed audiences from stadiums to couches in favour of the NFL. Warmed by whatever they brought in their wineskins, thousands of dedicated B.C. Lions football fans attended games in the 1950s and 1960s at Empire Stadium.

Scrivener lives on acreage near Kamloops, where he freelances writing and editing while raising warmblood ponies and hotblooded puppies.

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