Born in 1916, Kamloops' resident Jack Shaw developed an allergic reaction to dust while working in a body shop for car repairs. He consequently took a job as a sales clerk and fly tyer at Burfield's Ski and Sport Shop. Over the years he developed several popular patterns for fish flies. "I started tying the Blood Leech and the Blood Worm about 1965," he said. "There were the Damselfly Nymph and the Dragonfly Nymph, which became known as the Jules Nymph. The McLean's Special was originally my Brown Sedge... I was fighting tradition by trying to educate people to fish flies that didn't have wings. Some guys got right argumentative. It was a long struggle, but it eventually caught on." Reprinted several times since 1976, Shaw's first book is Fly Fish the Trout Lakes (Heritage, 1989). It was followed by Tying Flies from Trophy Trout: From B.C.'s Kamloops Country (Heritage House, 1992).

[Image: Shaw selecting a fly]

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