Sharron Simpson was born in Kelowna on November 18, 1938 and grew up there "when it was a much smaller city than it is today." She left to attend university and travel around the world, after which she lived in Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto before returning home in 1984. With an eclectic work background as a social worker, stock broker, politician, and teacher (among others), she has become a vocal advocate for preserving family memories and community stories. In addition to developing and teaching a series of writing workshops entitled "Memories into Memoirs" through the Kelowna Museum, Simpson compiled the Museum Writers Group's award-winning volumes, and edited and published According to Bill - The Life and Times of C.W. (Bill) Knowles. She has also written an online column and articles for a variety of publications.

The Kelowna Story: an Okanagan History (Harbour, 2011) begins with the indigenous Okanagan peoples. Simpson continues with the early settlers, how they overcame obstacles, that they banded together to build a road because they needed one, and that they developed astounding irrigation systems. This is the story of how Kelowna became surrounded with thriving orchards and vineyards. It also includes the story of the Ogopogo, both the myth and the legend. This comprehensive portrait of Kelowna's history is packed with archival photographs and stories "that bring the city's rich history to life."


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