Salt Spring Island novelist Phyllis Smallman, who also lives in Hamilton, Ontario and southwest Florida, was nominated for the 2008 Arthur Ellis Award for best first novel for MARGARITA NIGHTS by the Crime Writers of Canada. MARGARITA NIGHTS was also shortlisted for the Debut Dagger by the Crime Writers of the UK, nominated for the Malice Domestic Award in the U.S.A. and won the Crime Writers of Canada's first-ever "Unhanged Arthur" in 2007. In 2014, The Independent Publishers Association (IPPY) presented Smallman with an Independent Publishers Literary Award (IPPY) for her e-book entry, Long Gone Man, which won Gold for Best Published Mystery/Thriller Novel of 2014.

In 2015 Phyllis Smallman won the 14th Royal Palm Literary Award (RPLA) from the Florida Writers Association for her mystery MARTINI REGRETS. It was announced at FWA's four-day annual conference in Altamonte Springs, Florida. This annual competitions received 393 submissions.

Smallman's series, set in Jacaranda, Florida, features bartender Sherri Travis, an ordinary person caught up in extraordinary circumstances. In 2010, Good Morning America picked the Sherri Travis Series for its list of the top six Mystery series for the year.

Champagne for Buzzards, published in the spring of 2011, was nominated for the "Bony Blithe" mystery award in the inaugural year of the prize. Each year the winner will be announced at the annual Bloody Words mystery conference for mystery writing in late spring.

According to promotional material:

In Highball Exit (TouchWood, 2012) "Sherri Travis is three months behind on her mortgage and it will be last call for the Sunset Bar and Grill if she doesn't come up with some cash. So when Aunt Kay offers to pay Sherri to ask a few questions about Holly Mitchell's death, it sounds like easy money. But it quickly descends into a dangerous world of drugs, sex workers, and perversion. Did Holly really take the highball exit, or was she murdered? And what happened to her baby?"

Crossing Alligator Alley in the Florida Everglades with a gas tank on empty is a bad idea. Martini Regrets (TouchWood $14.95), the latest in the Sherri Travis Mysteries, finds bartender Sherri, heading home late from a girl's weekend in Miami. Her routine fill up doesn't turn out the way she plans when her pickup truck is car-jacked by a wild-eyed man. Sherri may need help, but she recognizes the two men arriving at the station are more dangerous than the surrounding everglades. Fleeing into the swamps, she stumbles on the site of a gruesome murder. In the "glades"; where danger comes in more forms than alligators, Sherri has to outwit the swamp rats "men who know every gator hole and every way there is to turn a dollar, both legal and illegal"; if she wants to stay alive.


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Sex in a Sidecar (McArthur & Co. 2009)
Brewski for the Old Man (McArthur & Co. 2010)
Champagne for Buzzards (McArthur & Co. 2011)
Highball Exit (TouchWood, 2012) $ 18.95 9781927129791
Long Gone Man (Touchwood 2013) $14.95 978-1-77151-030-1
Martini Regrets (TouchWood Editions 2014) $14.95 9781771510905

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